Singapore Is Not Special

After reading the report about the Singapore government unjustly convicting two Falun Gong practitioners, the first thought that came to mind was: "Everyone is positioning himself. Why do the officials in Singapore place themselves in such a position, even though they are special?" After some thought, I realised this was not right. When the Fa rectifies the human world, everyone has to make his choice and position himself; that is not wrong. For those who choose the opposite side of Falun Dafa, we will feel sorry for them. We might also blame ourselves for not being more effective in our efforts to reveal the true facts about Falun Gong, or being unable to save them, we might even want to give them one more chance, with the hope that they will finally understand and be saved. This is not wrong.

But what happened to those government officials in Singapore is, to a certain degree, just like those handling the persecution in mainland China. Some government officials want to use their power and influence, or use the government bureau to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, this is more than just their individual choices and positioning themselves. Using their official power or the law as a platform for their dangerous decisions will deceive and mislead countless other people.

China's persecution illustrates this well. How many Chinese are misled by the evil propaganda? They have been placed in such an awful position that even Falun Dafa practitioners' painstaking efforts to reveal the truth often cannot lift their misunderstanding or remove the poison spread by the government's propaganda. Singapore only has a democracy on the surface. A few aristocrats monopolise the power to allocate and control the government at will. Because of its democratic front, this persecution of the kindhearted is like a dark comedy, in which a so-called democratic country is shown to also persecute Falun Dafa. Given China's openly committed crimes and atrocities against Falun Dafa, it is even more misleading and further encourages China's despicable behaviour. So it is important to understand how serious and harmful the Singapore incident is, and how important it is to eliminate all evil factors in other dimensions. We cannot allow the evil to continue its persecution in Singapore, nor give it another opportunity to poison people's minds.

When we talk about Singapore, it is easy to associate with some of its "special" conditions. Singapore is a city-state, it is a small region and it does not have natural resources to support its development. Economically, it relies on foreign countries, especially China. Many people have a certain understanding and tolerance for Singapore's inclination to ingratiate itself with the Chinese government, but this should not influence our righteous thoughts regarding this region.

A person's wealth or poverty, or a society's development and harmony, have a lot to do with their karma and destiny. To ingratiate itself with another country by ignoring justice and ignoring conscience will not help a country or a region to develop, nor will it make a society harmonious. It can only aid economic development on the surface. All the world's beings have come for Falun Dafa, and their attitude toward Falun Dafa will decide their future. This is far more meaningful and important than temporary economic gain.

There are many citizens of Chinese origin in Singapore. There are natural connections to China, and Chinese culture influences them greatly. Perhaps this was some historical arrangement, but it certainly makes it a lot easier for Singaporeans to have a chance to practise Falun Dafa. The people of Singapore understood and accepted Falun Dafa very early on. They established the Falun Dafa Association in the early 1990's.

We should not approve of the old factors, and ignore or accept their interference with Fa rectification. The situation of Falun Dafa in Singapore should develop better, and all the evil factors in other dimensions, the evil factors attempting to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners in Singapore, and China's evil factors attempting to influence Singapore should all be eliminated and cleared away completely. Let's help more Singaporeans understand Falun Dafa, learn Falun Dafa in a positive and righteous way, and be saved through the Fa-rectification. This is our righteous thought, and we should strive to do our best.

The iron-fisted character of Singapore's government has an historic kinship with China's Communist Party. Its pursuit is dictatorship, disguised as democracy. Better understanding of this phenomenon will help us to clarify the truth. We should not let its "special situation" influence our righteous thoughts. We should completely negate and eradicate the old force arranged persecution towards Falun Dafa in China. In the meantime, how can we acknowledge persecution towards the Falun Dafa practitioners in Singapore?

Practitioners from mainland China recalled our state at the beginning of the persecution, and felt sorry that our righteous thoughts were not stronger and that our understanding was insufficient. This is one reason why the evil was able to act with such furor. All that has happened, including in Singapore, our hearts helped materialise; we really must get rid of all our human attachments, get rid of all our incorrect notions, and negate, stop, and clear away the unjust verdicts and other forms of persecution.

Singapore's rich and powerful are also individual lives. In the face of Fa rectification, they may and will make their choices, but they do not represent the entire Singapore population. Each citizen of Singapore should make his or her own rational choice in a free environment and background--without pressure, without being deceived, and without the influence of a strict authority. They should obtain adequate and positive information about Falun Dafa and make the right choice according to their kind nature. We should build a better environment for them, pass on correct and complete information to them, help them, and not let the evil mislead or deceive them. We do not admit or recognise the so-called "special" relationship between Singapore and Communist China, as it was arranged by and is needed by the old forces.

We have the idea that: "the evil Chinese dictatorship is the only entity that persecutes Falun Dafa in the world, no other countries outside China are persecuting Falun Dafa; they all welcome Falun Dafa." This should not become an attachment, or an excuse to become dependent on other people or democratic countries or governments. Even though the people in mainstream democratic counties have a positive and very good attitude toward Falun Dafa, the governments' behaviour in those counties is far from satisfactory. They are mainly controlled by economic gain. Even those countries are far from the requirements of the Fa rectification and the future standard, let alone those that are dictatorships disguised as democracies. As Falun Dafa practitioners we should not rely on anyone but Master and Falun Dafa, and our firm belief and righteous thoughts, to tell all sentient beings the facts about Falun Dafa and help them. Wherever there is persecution, we should quickly clarify the truth completely and in detail, help save as many people as possible, and eliminate the influence caused by the persecution as much as possible. We can turn the evil persecution into an opportunity for people to know and understand Falun Dafa well.

Singapore is not special. It is also something for us to clarify the truth to, and for Fa-rectification, something to be saved. We will consider Singapore's specific situation, strengthen our righteous thoughts, get rid of any notions that "Singapore is special", clarify the truth with patience, eliminate any interference and save as many beings as possible.

With the righteous thoughts of all practitioners, the mistake in Singapore will be corrected. The Singaporean people will understand and identify themselves with Falun Dafa and practitioners. How can they put those kindhearted people who only wish to help them in jail? Let us correct this now. Let us study the Falun Gong teachings with peaceful minds, strengthen our righteous thoughts, clear away the evil factors, clarify the truth, and save the world's people.

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