Re-Enactments of How the Police Cruelly Torture Falun Gong Practitioners in Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province - Part 2

This article continues to expose the horrific deeds of police in Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province, who cruelly torture detained Falun Gong practitioners, and also instigate the inmates to do the same. The following photos show re-enactments of these torture methods. They are based on descriptions supplied by the victims who have been released, and they demonstrate the abuses Falun Gong practitioners have suffered at the hands of police officers and criminal inmates.

8. Whipping with a Bamboo Lath

The police use the handle of bamboo scrubbing brushes to forcefully hit both sides of practitioners' hands and their heads and faces. They also use a bamboo lath of one-inch width to fiercely hit practitioners' heads. After this torture, practitioners' hands and faces become swollen and bruised (Fig. 9 & Fig. 10).

Fig. 9 Fig. 10

9. Pressing a Handcuff against the Hand

The police use a handcuff to cuff one of the practitioner's palms and then press it against a tabletop. The cuff cuts into the hand causing horrendous pain and leaving permanent scars (Fig. 11).

Fig. 11

Police officers use a handcuff to cuff practitioners' fingers. Then they twist the fingers while forcefully hitting the fingers and the back of the hand with a small metal spoon. A young female practitioner who suffered this torture had many scars on her hands afterwards and could not move or use her right hand for many days as it was numb (Fig. 12 & Fig. 13).

Fig. 12 Fig. 13

10. Pricking the Finger Tips

Police officers use un-wound paper clips to prick the practitioners' fingertips until they bleed. They also break a plastic ruler in half and use the sharp edge to cut practitioners' fingers. Some police use toothpicks to puncture the practitioners' fingertips or the area under the fingernails until they draw blood (Fig. 14).

Fig. 14

11. Force-Feeding in a Barbaric Way

Practitioners who go on hunger strike suffer this torture. Police officers instigate inmates to cuff the practitioners' hands behind their backs and push them onto the ground or squeeze them into a torture chair (the chair could not be demonstrated due to our limited resources). Then they pull the practitioners' heads up by the hair and pinch their noses, while others grab onto the cheeks and use chop sticks, the handle of a tooth brush, a screw driver or other dirty objects to force open the mouths. Finally, they viciously insert bottles of highly concentrated salt water into the practitioners' mouths. Several practitioners' teeth were damaged and their mouth's bled due to the forceful prying. Their mouths also bled due to the rough insertion of the bottles. The concentrated salt water stung and caused severe pain inside the practitioners' injured mouths. The practitioners' arms and legs also got cut and bruised from the iron torture chair and their clothes were soaked from the concentrated salt water and their blood. It is a grotesque scene. Some practitioners choked as the salt water went down into their lungs, while others twitched uncontrollably and almost died due to the suffocation.

Ms. Ma Lida, 21 years old, was ruthlessly force-fed several bottles of the highly concentrated salt water that caused her to have stomach spasms and her life has been in imminent danger ever since. Ms. Zhang Min died from this torture when the salt water went into her lungs and caused her to suffocate. Her lungs had previously been injured after the police brutally beat her (Fig. 15, Fig. 16, Fig. 17, and Fig. 18).

Fig. 15 Fig. 16
Fig. 17 Fig. 18

12. Carrying a Sword on the Back

The police handcuff the practitioner's hands together behind the back with one hand over the shoulder and the other against the lower back. The police then apply a great deal of force to pull the two hands toward one another and handcuff the two hands together. (This way it looks like the practitioner is carrying a sword on his back.) Then the police hold onto the handcuffs and step on the practitioner's back to pull up their arms, as if an archer is pulling open a bow. The practitioner's arms are stretched until the handcuffs cut into the flesh and get stuck to the bone. This torture causes unbearable pain as though the arms are broken. The police also swing the pull the arms to the left and right so the handcuffs press against the wrist bone to cause more pain. The arms become numb during this torture and afterwards, practitioners are not able to move their arms and have no feeling for more than two weeks. At the same time that the police torture practitioners with this method, they also viciously beat and kick them, pull their hair, and use electric batons to shock them (Fig.19, Fig. 20, and Fig. 21).

Fig. 19 Fig. 20

Fig. 21

13. "Planning" and "Cutting"

The police instigate inmates to force practitioners to squat on the ground while one inmate after another uses the soles of their shoes to viciously rub the hollow area on the two sides of the practitioners' buttocks or dig onto the practitioners' backs. This is a cruel torture method that leaves black bruises and causes the practitioners' buttocks to become swollen. As a result, the practitioners cannot walk and have to limp to get around. Necrosis of the muscles can also occur. Even after the inmates have mercilessly tortured the practitioners, they continue to rub the injured area until the bone is exposed. Many practitioners have been tortured this way repeatedly (Fig. 22).

Fig. 22

14. "Bending Stoop"

Inmates are instigated to force practitioners to bend forward while someone uses his elbow to continuously and fiercely hit their backs. Practitioners experience severe pain in their chests after being tortured this way. Some constantly cough and some fall down to the ground from the pain (Fig. 23).

Fig. 23

15. Handcuffing to the Back

The practitioners' hands are cuffed behind their backs with a wooden stick placed in between. The torturers use the stick to twist the arms around and apply pressure to the backs, causing the practitioners' arms and shoulders horrendous pain. The handcuffs also cut into the skin (Fig. 24 and Fig. 25).

Fig. 24 Fig. 25

To be continued

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