Female Vocal: “Leaving for Tiananmen”

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Written by a Chinese Falun Gong Practitioner
Vocals and Translated by Sara Effner
Guitar by Randall Effner


A young woman in China explains to her beloved mother why she must risk her life to appeal for Falun Gong (or Falun Dafa). With no other channels to seek justice, thousands of practitioners have travelled to Tiananmen Square just to say, “Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) is good. Please stop persecuting it.” Whether calling out these words, holding a banner, or silently demonstrating Falun Gong’s exercises on Tiananmen Square to show the peaceful nature of Falun Gong, what follows is usually imprisonment, beatings, torture, and sometimes death, simply for upholding one’s belief in Falun Dafa.


Mama tomorrow I’m leaving home.
For Dafa’s name, I feel I must go. [1]
It pains my heart to see your black hair turn gray.
I know you worry that they’ll take me away.

[Sung in Chinese]
Mama, please don’t you worry for me.
Truth has been safeguarded since antiquity.
Dafa has taught me to seek Zhen-Shan-Ren. [2]
Now I’m prepared to face the storms ahead.

Mama, please listen to these words of mine.
Fame, wealth, and gain I have left behind.
All I desire is a heart pure and bright.
Why fear the cold winds on a stormy night?
Mama, you raised me to speak the truth and think of others in all that I do.
When you see the plum blossoms announcing spring,
Mama, I hope you will be proud of me.
Mama, I hope you will be proud of me.


[1] Dafa: Falun Dafa, or Falun Gong
[2] Zhen-Shan-Ren: Truth, Compassion, Tolerance

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