Shanghai Promotes Police Who Capture Falun Dafa Practitioners

On November 28, 2004, Lu Weidong, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Shanghai City, was detained by police while he was clarifying the truth about Falun Gong in that area. He is now being held in the Baoshan Detention Centre.

At 8 pm that same night, local policemen went to Lu Weidong's home and searched his place. Though nothing was found, they still forcibly detained Lu Weidong's parents. When they showed their arrest warrant with the charge "disturbing social order," Lu Weidong's parents called on them to explain what crime they had committed. They said, "We have been staying at home and doing nothing illegal. Where on earth did the crime of disturbing social order come from?" Hongkou police had nothing to say in reply but still unjustly detained them for 15 days. When the police later showed them the arrest warrant again, it had been changed to "using a religious group to disturb social order." However, when Lu Weidong's parents inquired about filing a lawsuit against the police, the police answered, "No lawsuits are allowed."

While Lu Weidong's parents were in the detention centre, nobody was in his home. It was reported that police from Jiaxing Police Station took a locksmith to Lu's house and tried to unlock his front door. After failing at that, they wanted to break in through the window but attempt was also unsuccessful.

Jiang Zemin, the instigator of the persecution of Falun Gong was recently staying in Shanghai. Some political figures in the city, especially Jiang's sister's son Wu Zhimin, who is the secretary of the Shanghai Political and Judiciary Committee and the head of the Shanghai City Police Department, led the Shanghai 610 Office, Shanghai State Security Department, Shanghai City Police Department, and the street associations and other related units to persecute Dafa practitioners with great brutality. In each of the districts of Shanghai, many people have been arrested under various pretexts. Many of them have been sent to jails or labour camps. As people in the Community Office and the Association of Local Citizens in Baoshan disclosed, "The 'higher authorities, in order to spur people to catch Falun Gong practitioners, declared that anyone can get a promotion to one salary-grade higher and get a reward of five thousand to twenty thousand yuan if he captures a Falun Gong practitioner. As far as we know, Shanghai police once offered a reward of only fifty thousand yuan for the capture of a serious killer." In a subdivision of Yangpu District, a large sign was even erected saying "let Falun Gong have no place to stand."

We appeal to the international community to pay close attention to the situation in Shanghai where people's human rights are being wantonly violated and Dafa practitioners are being severely persecuted. We appeal to human rights organizations in the international community to investigate those persons in Shanghai who have committed crimes against Dafa practitioners.

Baoshan District Office: 86-21-36071625
The Political and Judiciary Committee of Baoshan District: 86-21-56691011
Head of Baoshan Detention Centre: 86-21-66860901
The Judiciary Department of Baoshan District: 86-21-56110148
The Head Prosecutor of Baoshan District: 86-21-56692000
610 Office of Hongkou District: 86-21-25658888 ext 8666
Head of the 610 Office of Hongkou District: 86-21-25658661
The Hongkou District Branch Police Department: 86-21-23242200
National Security Division of the Hongkou District Police Department: 86-21-63242200
Shanghai City Police Department: 86-21-62310110
Office of Appealing by Letter of the Shanghai City Police Department: 86-21-24023584; 86-21-24023456

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