Taiwan: Anti-Torture Exhibition Held in Chiayi County

On New Year's Day 2005, practitioners held their first anti-torture exhibition of the New Year, in Chungcheng Park, Putzu City, Taiwan. They used the form of live reenactment to expose the brutal persecution launched by Jiang's regime against Falun Gong. The simulation exposed the evil nature of the persecution and shocked the spectators. The Mayor of Putzu City, Huang Chunchen, and Chiayi County Council member Huang Lichen also came to visit the display. After watching the performance, they frequently shook their heads and said, "It is too horrible. The atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party and Jiang's regime fill one with indignation."

On the morning of January 1, practitioners who were in charge of the anti-torture exhibition went to Chungcheng Park to set up the display. Some practitioners from Tainan and Hsinying traveled a long distance to come help. Around 1 p.m., practitioners playing the roles of both victims and perpetrators, reenacting 11 methods of torture, entered the display site. Other practitioners demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises or distributed truth-clarifying flyers. About 100 practitioners joined this activity. The display vividly revealed the brutal tortures currently used in China, and startled spectators, who condemned the viciousness of the Chinese Communist Party and Jiang's regime.

poster exhibition torture method: burning with red-hot poker torture method: forcing bamboo splints under fingernails

Mayor Huang Chunchen and Chiayi County Council member Huang Lichen came around 2 p.m. to visit the exhibition. Mayor Huang said that the persecution is truly inhuman and it is really inconceivable that these kinds of tortures still exist in the 21st Century. Council member Huang Lichen sighed while watching the exhibition, and said that the torture methods are too brutal. At the same time, she held much esteem for the practitioners' righteous and courageous actions in exposing the evil. She said that the anti-torture exhibition allows Taiwanese people to understand the necessity of being aware of the truth of the persecution.

Some young students, after watching the exhibition, said that they couldn't imagine that such terrible tortures were happening in Mainland China. Seeing the victims played by practitioners who wore life-like make-up, some people felt so sympathetic that they could not bear watching at a close distance. Some people said with indignation, "Why don't you stand up and oppose it? Don't be bullied this way!"

Apart from the anti-torture exhibition, there was also a truth-clarifying poster display and a petition against the persecution. Eye-catching banners that read, "People who believe in Truth-Compassion-Tolerance are suffering more than 100 methods of torture in China," deeply touched people's hearts. A commentator's detailed introduction was very effective in exposing the evil persecution. The head of Chiayi County, Mr. Chen Mingwen, and legislator Li Guotsing also sent a wreath to express their respects.

From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., a constant flow of people came to watch the anti-torture exhibition. Vehicles passing by also slowed down so that drivers and passengers could look at the exhibition. Even a quick look left them with a deep impression.

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