Canada: "Uncompromising Spirit" Art Exhibition Moves University Students and Faculty Members as Well as Local Residents

From December 14 to 16, 2004, "Uncompromising Spirit," a touring exhibition of paintings by Falun Gong practitioners, was held in the Alumni Conference Hall of Guelph University, Canada. Guelph University is one of the prestigious universities of Canada. It is famous for its rich theoretical research and international collaborations, as well as its academic atmosphere. This art exhibition was co-sponsored by the Falun Dafa Club of the university, the CSA Human Rights Office and Women's Service Centre. Two media outlets, The Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty TV also co-sponsored the exhibition.

Many people came to visit the exhibition each day. On the first day, more than a hundred students and faculty members came to attend the opening ceremony and view the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that on the first day, despite the heavy snow, high school teacher Mr. Dong led his 27 11th-grade students to walk two miles specifically to come visit the exhibition and to hold a class about spiritual beliefs in the world. During the opening ceremony, a practitioner briefly introduced Falun Dafa to the audience. Practitioners also demonstrated the five sets of Falun Gong exercises. Students were very interested in the practise and asked quite a number of questions about Falun Dafa, including: "Why there are so many infants on the paintings? You said those were from other dimensions, can Falun Gong practitioners see them?" "Falun Dafa prohibits killing, but why would it allow people to eat meat?" "As Falun Dafa is not a religion, could one practise Falun Dafa and another religion at the same time?"

Upon learning about the ongoing persecution experienced by Falun Gong practitioners in China, people all felt shocked. They couldn't understand why people who practise such beautiful exercises and follow the principle of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance encounter such inhuman oppression. When people learned the truth about the persecution, they successively signed postcards to express their support. The postcards call on the Canadian Minister of Justice to support the criminal lawsuit filed by Professor Zhang Kunlun against Jiang Zemin and other chief perpetrators in the suppression of Falun Gong. They also call on the Canadian Prime Minister to try his best to help rescue orphaned children whose parents have died from the persecution in China.

Kind-hearted people spoke the following words from the bottom of their hearts:

"Canada must lead the world to stop this kind of torture and human rights violation."

"It's shameful to imprison a child, please help release them."

"If I have a chance to help this practitioner and his artwork, I would definitely do it. However, I can't do anything except for saying, 'Please allow these kind people to live a normal life'."

"Canada must fulfil its responsibility to call for the human rights of people in China and in all places in the world."

The support from the bottom of these people's hearts deeply moved the practitioners, who were also very happy to see so many people become aware of the truth. One after another, the visitors expressed their support toward Falun Dafa and condemned the persecution. In the meantime, many people with predestined relationships expressed their deeply felt wish to learn Falun Dafa and to experience the beauty of this practise. They left their contact information and hoped to learn the five sets of exercises as soon as possible.

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