Falun Gong Practitioner Lei Bangxi from Zhoukou City Died Under Persecution in 2003

Falun Gong practitioner Lei Bangxi from Zhoukou City in Henan Province suffered torture over the course of one year of imprisonment. He died in April 2003 after he was released from prison. The following are the details:

Mr. Lei Bangxi was 50 years old and lived in Guantun Village of Xinzhan Town in Huaiyang County, Zhoukou City. He had serious congenital bronchitis. When he was young, he often had asthma, was short of breath and coughing. As he grew up, his symptoms became more severe. Lei Bangxi was very happy to start practising Falun Dafa at the end of 1996 and he benefited tremendously from it. His chronic diseases went away without any medical treatment.

After the persecution of Falun Dafa began, Lei Bangxi went to Beijing to validate Dafa at the end of 2000 and was caught. He was then sent to the Huaiyang Forced Labour Camp. by 610 Office members Ren Wei and Li Cangfeng, who were stationed at the Beijing Liaison Office for Huaiyang County. Lei Bangxi experienced inhuman torture during the detention period and became emaciated. Lei Bangxi was detained twice in the Huaiyang Forced Labour Camp for about one year. His physical and mental health was severely damaged. In April 2001 he was sent to the Xucang Forced Labour Camp. The labour camp's physical examination discovered his poor physical condition and they refused to accept him, so they sent him home.

Because Lei Bangxi suffered torture in the labour camp for a year, his body was extremely weak. His old illnesses came back, and he could not make a recovery. Mr. Lei died in April 2003.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2004/11/30/90380.html

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