After Practising Falun Dafa, My Mother's Illnesses Are Cured

My mother is 76 years old. in early 1999 she couldn't walk due to a pain in her leg. Three hospitals diagnosed her condition as "bone necrosis." The doctor said that there was currently no cure for the condition. Still, we searched for a cure, but to no avail.

In May I started practising Falun Gong, and my gastric disease was healed. My mother wanted to practise, too. At that time, it took my mother quite a while to stand up and she had to cling to something for support, but her heart was sincere. Some of her movements weren't accurate but she tried her best. The amazing thing was that soon after she started practising she could get up without holding on for support. Also, she could feel her left leg. We were overjoyed.

My mother's disease is now completely cured and she can walk around freely. She continues to study the principles in Falun Gong and practise the five sets of Falun Gong exercises everyday. She lives her life according to "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." She talks about the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa to those around her. Our family witnessed her restoration from practising Falun Dafa, and we personally experienced the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa and Teacher's vast compassion.

Maladies Healed After Learning Falun Dafa for Three Days

As told by Yu Surong and then recorded by a Falun Dafa practitioner

My name is Yu Surong. I am 61 years old, and I am from Zhangqiu in Shandong Province. My husband is weak and can't undertake physical labour. My eldest son lost his eyesight from a work-related injury and was divorced leaving him with an 11-year-old son to look after. Yet it turned out that I had to take care of my son and my grandchildren not to mention having to work on our five acres of land. Our life was very difficult and we couldn't afford to see doctors when we were sick. Due to prolonged physical labour, I had developed various maladies. My wrists were swollen and i was unable to close my fingers or grasp things with my hands. My gastric diseases were also worsening.

At the end of 2000 my stomach suddenly started to ache, but I had no money for the hospital. I thought that I was going to die. My daughter, who is a Falun Dafa practitioner, said, "You have nothing to lose, why don't you practise Falun Gong!" At first I didn't take her seriously. But when I couldn't bear it any longer, I said, "If I can be pain-free I will practise it." My daughter brought me Falun Dafa lecture cassettes. After listening to one lecture my pains lessened. On the second day I was feeling fine. On the third day I felt a sudden pain, and some black matter that looked like pus and blood was removed from my body.

Suddenly my stomach was no longer painful. Without realising when or how it happened, I could stretch my hands and fingers. I had never experienced this before. I couldn't explain the feeling of being pain and illness-free.

I was healthy once again and I could eat and felt energised. I told everyone I met about my personal experience of Falun Dafa's miracles. It was Falun Dafa that gave me a new life. I wanted to shout, "Falun Dafa is indeed wonderful!"

With the help of fellow practitioners I listen to the lectures containing the Falun Dafa teachings seriously, practise the five sets of Falun Dafa exercises, actively send forth righteous thoughts and helped to let more people know the truth about Falun Dafa.

A Falun Dafa Practitioner Unharmed After a Serious Car Accident

In October of 2004, a Falun Dafa practitioner and her husband from a village in Caiyuanzi, Dehui City, Jilin Province, were loading their car by the roadside. Suddenly a young man riding a motorcycle hit the practitioner. The collision sent her rolling for over ten meters, while the motorcycle carried on for another 45 meters before it stopped. When the practitioner later regained consciousness and slowly got up, the young man was terrified and asked her if she was okay. The practitioner said, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner. My Teacher protects me. I am fine, you guys can go." The young man tried to insist on taking her to a clinic for a check up, but the practitioner refused.

When the villagers found out, they were all quite amazed. Some said, "She's 59 years old, but she's okay after such am incident. Falun Gong is really amazing!" Others said, "If it was someone else, they would surely make the young man pay a huge sum." Another person said, "Seeing this is better than hearing rumours. No wonder they are saying Falun Gong practitioners are good people!"

Sickness Develops After Giving Up Practise, Cured Once Practise Resumes

A villager in his fifties from Changling Village in Mishazi Town, Dehui City, Jilin Province, used to practise Falun Gong. When the Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin and his regime started the persecution on the 20th of July, 1999, he gave up the practise due to the intense pressure. In 2003 he suffered from cerebral thrombosis, and half of his body was paralysed. He had to go to hospitals outside the village for treatment and stayed at his younger brother's house. His brother's wife is a practitioner, and she told him, "Why don't you practise Falun Gong? If not why don't you recite 'Falun Dafa is good.' It will be helpful."

He recited "Falun Dafa is good" everyday. A few days later he could feel his body, and he regained more control of his hands and legs. So he again started practising Falun Gong. His body healed slowly, and he recovered. He returned home renewed.

His fellow villagers, seeing that his sickness was cured in a matter of months, asked him how he cured it. He said, "I didn't do anything. It was Falun Dafa!"

Falun Dafa, a Way Out of Hopelessness

A villager from Changling Village in Mishazi Town, Dehui City, Jilin Province, was fooled by the lies spewed out by Jiang and his regimes propaganda machine. Last year he suffered from bone necrosis, which was very painful. He searched all over the place for a cure but to no avail. Upon seeing that his condition was hopeless, his relatives told him that Falun Gong is very effective in healing illnesses. They urged him to give Falun Gong a try. With no other choice he started practising Falun Dafa. In a few months his body felt much better, and he was close to being completely cured. He said from the bottom of his heart, "I will practise Falun Dafa forever. Falun Dafa is wonderful!"

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