Two Brothers, Liu Fuming and Liu Fuli, Severely Tortured by Police in Inner Mongolia

Around 8:00 p.m. on September 16, 2001, practitioners, who are brothers, Liu Fuli and Liu Fuming from Tuquan County publicly clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa. Subsequently, police officers arrested them.

The head of the Tuquan County Police Department, Zhang Dezhi, incited police officers, more than ten policemen altogether, to beat the practitioners cruelly for over twenty hours. They cuffed their hands behind their back and shoved six beer bottles and ears of corn between their arms to cause more tension and strain on their wrists. Liu Fuming suffered for five hours. Liu Fuli suffered for over ten hours. Their arms were black and blue. In the meantime, a police officer kicked their chest in the heart area severely with heavy boots. When the practitioners fell backward, another police officer kicked them savagely forward. They also punched them, slapped them on the face, shocked them with electric batons all over the body, stomped hard on their toes with heavy boots, used a beer bottle to rub their ribs and pulled out clumps of hair. Liu Fuming's mouth and nose were bloody, his clothes were stained red from the blood. The police gagged him with his own clothing and bound him to a chair with rope. Then they hung a chair on his neck and brutally beat his head. Liu Fuming's body cramped and he passed out on the floor several times. They poured cold water on him and used an electric baton to wake him up and continued to beat him. The police also tied a Falun Dafa banner onto Liu Fuming's body in order to cause him to mental anguish as they defiled the banner.

After Liu Fuli was beaten until his mouth and nose bled, the police continued to beat him cruelly while a Falun Dafa banner was tied to his body. They had stripped him naked to further humiliate and torture him. His hands were still cuffed behind his back. The police used a broom to beat his genitals, and used a belt to brutally beat his back and legs for over an hour. They used an electric baton to shock his lips and back of his head and used the soles of their shoes to slap his face. His face was swollen and bloody. He was not allowed to drink any water.

His brother was sent to the Tuquan County Detention Centre after being tortured so severely he was black and blue all over. Guard Yang's viciousness in the detention centre is well known. He ordered Liu Fuming to kneel down. Liu Fuming refused so he brutally beat Liu Fuming and kicked his chest in the area of his heart over ten times.

After seven to eight days, the police handcuffed the brothers again and took them to the vice squad for another round of persecution. They interrogated them to discover the source of their truth clarifying materials. Liu Fuming could not stand by himself, so he was sent back to the cell.

Liu Fuli was pushed down onto a desk and continued to be handcuffed behind the back with six beer bottles inserted between his arms. Liu Fuli clarified the truth to them and refused to tell them the source. The police pushed him onto the "Tiger Bench". (1) They punched him and used the soles of their shoes to slap his face. They also pinched his muscles, and beat his arms and shoulders. The practitioner's hands swelled up so much that they looked deformed. A police officer held a gun to Liu Fuli's head and said, "Are you going to tell us or not? If not, I'll shoot you--shoot you dead without having to worry about any punishment!"

They also boasted they would burn Liu Fuli by dousing him with gasoline and setting him on fire, and claim that it was a self-immolation. The police put beer, cold water, boiled water and other unknown things into a beer bottle and ordered Liu Fuli to drink it. Liu Fuli refused. Several policemen forced his mouth open and poured the concoction down his throat. He was almost choked to death. Two of the police officers tried to force Liu Fuli to condemn Dafa. Two policemen stood at each side of the Tiger Bench and shocked him until they ran out of electricity. Liu Fuli's entire body had been shocked and a layer of skin began to peel off. Not achieving their purpose, the police beat him and kicked him. They pulled Liu Fuli off the Tiger Bench and twisted his arms backward. They slapped his face again and used a bottle to beat his arms, legs and neck. Police officer Zhang Qing poured boiling water on Liu Fuli's head. They also connected two electric batons together and inserted them into Liu's mouth. Later, they unlocked his handcuffs, pulled his hands up behind his back and made him hold this pose. They used an empty bottle to beat his arms, legs and neck for over one hour, severely injuring and disabling his arms. These evil people used all kinds of excruciating and savage methods. Nevertheless, the two brothers never yielded to persecutors and never renounced their belief.

Later when the police came to the detention centre for evidence, they brutally beat and kicked Liu Fuming and slapped his face many times. The two brothers refused to cooperate with the persecutors. The police concocted evidence and forced their hands to write their signatures. The court illegally sentenced them to three years in prison. After having been unlawfully detained in the Tuquan County Detention Centre for eleven months, they were sent to Wulahada Prison. Twenty days later they were transferred to the Baoanzhao Prison in Inner Mongolia for further persecution.

Liu Fuli and Liu Fuming were mentally tormented and physically tortured with excruciating methods at the hands of the police in Tuquan County. These injuries happened over a year ago and the men have not yet recovered. Liu Fuli still cannot lift up his right arm.

Those responsible for persecuting practitioners in Tuquan County:

County Secretary of the Party: Meng Zhanhui
The head of County: Sun Demin 86-482-5131086(Office)
The head of the Police Department: Zhang Dezhi 86-482-5121553 (Office) 86-482-8243555 (Home) 86-13704795100(mobile)

Vice Squad Team: Zhang Qing 86-482-5123327(Office) 86-482-5123569(Home) 86-482-5880999 86-13948235999(mobile)

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