Savage Torture at Xinyu Detention Centre Sees 5-Inch Nails Driven into Practitioners' Hands and Feet

Ms. Dong Qixin was born in 1949. Because she is a Falun Gong practitioner, her house was illegally searched and her personal property unlawfully confiscated in July 2004. The police sent her to Xinyu Detention Centre in Jiangxi Province.

According to inside information, Ms. Dong Qixin was kept handcuffed in what is called the "handcuffed airplane" (1) torture for three days. Since Ms. Dong refused to cooperate with their demands and renounce Falun Gong, the police used an even more savage torture. They drove 5-inch-long nails through her hands and ankles and into wooden boards. This torture has lasted for more than two months. This news has been kept from Ms. Dong's children. No family members have been allowed to visit. Her daughter has tried many times to get help from everyone she knows to get a visit approved, but in vain.

Another practitioner, Mr. Dong Jun, 27 years old, was arbitrarily arrested by Xinyu National Security officers. They intended to extort 10,000 yuan (2) from his family but dropped it to 5,000 yuan during negotiations. This ransom money secured his release. Two days later, police from the Xinyu Police Department arrested him again. Mr. Dong Jun is still being held in the detention centre.

There are many other local practitioners being illegally arrested and kept in this detention centre. The details of their situations are unknown.

Xinyu City National Security Brigade:
Leader Wang Zhichao: (86-13807907951)
Officers Han Yong, Song (given name not known), He, and Zhong

Complaint and Report Telephones:
Report Centre: 86-790-6442034
Disciplinary Supervisor: 86-790-6441342
Law-Enforcement Supervisor: 86-790-6441464
General Office: 86-790-6441849

Justice System Complaint and Report Telephones:

Xinyu City People's Middle Court: 86-790-6441451
Xinyu City People's Procurator Court: 86-790-6441276
Xinyu City Police Department: 86-790-6441355, 86-790-6442208
Xinyu City Justice Bureau: 86-790-6441377
Xinyu City National Security Bureau: 86-790-6454320
City Hall Office: 86-790-6441183
City Mayor - Wang Dehe
General Affair Deputy Mayor - Liu Yongsi
Deputy Mayor - Jiang Bin, Xie Xiaoping, Mao Mugen, He Pinggao, Wan Xiaoming


(1) The "handcuffed airplane" torture -- The victim is forced to stand with both legs straight, head bent down until the face is pointing to the ground, while the arms are pulled back until they are straight and the fingers are pointing to the sky. Handcuffs are used to fasten the hands together and to make it possible to hang the victim up in this position. After a little while, the victim suffers from dizziness, weak legs, sore arms, rapid breathing and heavy sweating.

(2) Yuan is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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