Austria: Falun Dafa Activities outside a Department Store in Vienna

Telling people about Falun Dafa was part of our activities in Vienna on December 8th, 2001. We wanted to let people know the truth about Falun Dafa. Our information booth was located at a huge shopping centre where many people passed by. This booth was surrounded by numerous other booths, which were advertising and selling alternative medical products and medicines.

At first there were only two of us [at our booth] and we had doubts about achieving any kind of success with our efforts. One of us demonstrated the exercises and the other one spoke with passers-by and distributed flyers. It became clear to us that it was not that important how many people stopped at our booth. What was more important to us was how sincere we were in letting people know about the Fa [principles of Falun Dafa]. A family with a child passed us quickly without paying any attention to us. I was able to hand the child a flyer. The child showed delight at having received a large gift. Then the parents turned around and smiled at us. There was also a couple where the husband related his marital problems to us. When he saw the exercises, he wanted to learn them immediately. He right away established contact with a local practitioner from his area. The gentleman who made this booth available to us told us that he is very pleased with the way we were handling ourselves and offered to help distribute the remaining flyers.

The whole day passed in a positive manner and we were able to introduce Falun Dafa to many people. A young man, responsible for assigning information booths at this shopping centre was leering at us in the beginning. He put a huge cigarette butt container next to our booth. When he did that I was very calm but thought to myself that this “ash tray” must not remain here. At that moment a physician arrived from a neighbouring booth and removed the container. It was only one thought but it remedied the situation. Everything actually proceeds easily if we are upright and clear in our hearts and thoughts.

Practitioners from Austria

December 2001

(Original text in German)

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