Banners Hung at Intersection Expose Crimes

Before October 1, 2001, the authorities from Yanqing County tried all kinds of despicable means to monitor, follow and arrest practitioners and search their homes. They even arrested relatives of practitioners who tried to stop them. They even wouldn't spare a practitioner who was not yet 16-years-old. The policemen claimed, "We will put him in jail for a long time. He will turn 16 while he's in jail." Since September 24, 2001, nine practitioners have been sentenced to one and half a year's forced labour without legal proceedings.

There are three 6-story high billboards at the on-ramp to the Jingzhang Highway in Yanqing County. On November 8, 2001, large banners were hung on the boards. The banners read, "Jiang Zemin brutally murdered 265 practitioners," "Luo Gan kills innocent people at will," and "Uphold Justice." These banners were very striking and exposed the persecution of practitioners. This shocked Li Lanqing and other officials of the central government. They issued an order to establish a "special investigative team" to resolve the case within a short time. They have started a new round of persecution against local practitioners.


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