Japan: Introducing Falun Gong and Exposing the Persecution at the 47th Convention on the Protection of Human Rights Held by Japan Federation of Bar Associations

On October 7th and 8th, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) held its 47th convention on the protection of human rights at Miyazaki-ken, Japan. This is the JFBA's most important annual meeting. This year, more than 1200 human rights attorneys from across Japan attended this convention.

Falun Gong practitioners in Japan considered this as a good opportunity to introduce Falun Gong and expose the persecution to Japan's legal system. It also provided a good chance to prepare a lawsuit against Jiang in Japan. Therefore, prior to the convention, practitioners made all kinds of preparations for clarifying the facts to the attendees.

On October 5th and 6th, just before the convention began, practitioners arrived at the city of Miyazaki-ken and introduced Falun Gong and revealed the facts of the persecution to the convention organisers, who eventually agreed to allow practitioners to put the information materials in places where attendees could freely help themselves.

On October 7th, 2004, when the convention began, Falun Gong practitioners peacefully waited outside the convention hall. Because lawyers in Japan hold very prominent social positions, it is normally very hard to meet them. Now, all human rights lawyers throughout the country would gather together here, practitioners wished to inform them about Jiang group's human rights violations against innocent Falun Gong practitioners, so that they would have a correct understanding about persecution. On the morning of October 7th, practitioners fairly easily handed out more than 600 leaflets to the attorneys, which exceeded practitioners' expectations.

On October 8th, practitioners utilised the convention break period to explain the facts to the lawyers face to face. Some attorneys said that they received the materials a day ago and expressed their support for what Falun Gong practitioners have been doing. Some attorneys read the Japanese version of article, "Historic Trial" and other literature provided by practitioners and expressed their wish to resist the persecution. In addition, they raised lots of good points in terms of how to effectively raise the awareness to the Japanese public and have more people pay attention to the persecution. All most all lawyers who listened to practitioners' introduction and explanation expressed their understanding and support to practitioners.

On October 9th, the lawyers went sightseeing at the beach. Practitioners also went and practised the exercises to display the beauty of Falun Gong. Many attorneys expressed their admiration for practitioners' persistent effort.

At the same time, from October 6th to 10th, some other practitioners held activities on the busiest streets in Miyazaki-ken to introduce Falun Gong to the public. Although only a small number of practitioners were on the streets, they cooperated well together. Some displayed banners, some demonstrated the exercises, and others distributed fliers. Practitioners all felt that local citizens were quite simple and pure and very pleased to receive Falun Gong information newsletters. Although it rained all day on October 8th due to a typhoon, the activities to introduce Falun Dafa were not affected at all. In the rain, practitioners' banners looked even more colourful and eye-catching.

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