A French Deputy Draws his Inspiration from Truth, Compassion, Tolerance

December 7th, 2001

French practitioners Olivier Hayoun, Helene Petit and Alain Tong, president of the Falun Dafa Association of France, were greeted by the deputy of their respective districts, Mr Patrick Bloche, at the townhall of the 11th district in Paris. Interestingly enough, this deputy is a representative at the National Congress for the districts of both Helene and Olivier, the two French practitioners who, together with more than 30 Western pracitioners, went to Tian An Men on November 20th, to peacefully appeal against the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

During the meeting, the practitioners sincerely thanked the deputy for his support. Indeed, Patrick Bloche had intervened in favour of Falun Gong in the form of a written question to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he had quickly responded when it came to free the two practitioners detained in Beijing on November 20th.

Thus after being thanked, the deputy invited the practitioners to tell them what had happened to them that day at the hands of the police during their peaceful appeal. He listened with much interest and expressed his indignation at the way Chinese police had treated the Western practitioners but also at the torture used against practitioners in China in general.

He was also interested in hearing that when in China, Olivier had felt that the Chinese people opposed the persecution against Falun Gong. The deputy had Olivier repeat it a second time, and rejoiced over this reaction from the Chinese people.

The Deputy wholeheartedly congratulated the practitioners for this action that he qualified as « remarkably peaceful » and « very courageous ». He also strongly condemned the the Chinese regime’s inhuman persecution against Falun Gong. He proved determined in continuing to support practitioners and offered his unconditional help for concrete actions in the near future.

When the French practitioners told their deputy that the teachings of Falun Gong were based on the universal principles of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, the deputy was struck by that : at one point during the meeting, he pointed to the picture taken on Tian An Men Square and precisely to the word « Tolerance » written on the banner. He thanked the practitioners for their great tolerance and proved to be himself very tolerant. When the time came for the practitioners to leave, he graciously accepted to have a picture taken with them and, as it was already very late in the evening and many people were still waiting to meet with their deputy, as a conclusion he declared : « I hope that I am very patient and available for all the citizens of my district, that I treat them with Compassion and that Truth guides my path in life. »

Reported by French Practitioners

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