Australia: Falun Gong Practitioner Mr David Liang Returns to Work Three Months after Being Shot in South Africa

On June 28th, 2004, the world was shocked to learn that Falun Gong practitioners were fired upon by hired gunmen in South Africa during Chinese officials' state visit. In the incident, Australian Falun Gong practitioner Mr. David Liang was shot in both of his feet. The bones of his right foot were smashed and fractured. Now, David has recovered and returned to work three months after the incident. However, previously, many doctors suggested that David have an amputation. The report issued by Australia Prince Wales Hospital claimed that David Liang would not be able to walk normally again and he would have to walk with the help of crutches.

Mr David Liang returns to work after recovering

Mr David Liang has had a miraculous recovery after enduring an extremely painful bullet wound. After he went back to work as a taxi driver, he accepted an interview with an Australian correspondent for the Epoch Times (a global Chinese newspaper). The following is an excerpt from the interview.

Reporter: David, congratulations! Today, you are able to drive a taxi again to support your family. Now, our readers who have been concerned about you can feel relieved.

David: Thank you all! I'm really happy today and I feel very excited. According to the common sense of medicine, it is impossible that I am driving again. Only three months ago, my right foot was shot and the bones were smashed. At that time, doctors said that the bones of my heel were severely damaged, while the bottom of my foot was only a piece of dead flesh. The wound would not be able to heal; in addition, if I did not have my foot amputated, the wound would be infected. The doctors believed that the chance for my foot to recover was even less than 0.1%, let alone get well enough that I could drive a car. However, today, I'm sitting in my taxi. I'm not only recovered, but also I can drive again. We all understand that we mostly use our right foot to drive.

Reporter: This is really amazing! Although many readers know that the healing power of Falun Gong is very amazing, what happened to you, which seemed impossible according to common sense, still allows us to open our minds and widen our knowledge.

David: In fact, there have been so many miracles occurring in the practise of Falun Gong. If you ask practitioners who genuinely practise cultivation, everyone will tell you some miraculous thing that he or she has personally experienced. What happened to me is really not such a big deal. Previously in China, people who had long been suffering from paralysis or other various incurable illnesses, were healed through the practise. Taking the shooting incident in South Africa as an example, it was really amazing that the car did not turn over. When the car's tires were shot, the car was moving at a speed of 120 kilometres per hour. People who have very little common knowledge would think that the car had to turn over in that kind of situation. I was driving at that moment; both of my feet were shot and it was too painful for me to hit the brake. The very little consciousness I had at that moment was to move the car to the side of the road. In fact, I was unable to steer at all. The car moved without any control towards the lanes on which people drove in the opposite direction and then gradually stopped at the roadside. I thought in my mind at that moment, how was the car stopped? It was really a miracle. The car stopped at a spot just 10 meters away from a deep hole. If the car was not stopped, but fell into that hole, one could imagine that the passengers in the car would have died.

Reporter: Last time, you said that your wound was very serious and doctors said that you had a 99% chance of getting an infection. Under that situation, you chose to leave the hospital. Some of our readers might wonder why you did not have your foot amputated instead of leaving the hospital under such a serious situation.

David: It is an issue of believing in Falun Gong. If I stayed at the hospital, doctors would definitely want to treat me and they wanted to do an operation. Besides, almost all the doctors thought that I should have the amputation. In that case, I would definitely become disabled. I didn't want to be disabled. When Falun Dafa was widely spread in China, countless people who were diagnosed with fatal diseases were healed through their practise of Falun Gong. If I did not practise Falun Gong, I would just do whatever the doctors suggested. It is natural and necessary for sick people to seek help from doctors. However, a practitioner also has his faith in his cultivation. When encountering tribulations, a cultivator would have a different attitude from that of non-practitioners. Then based on this point, the reason why I dared to not have the amputation would be an issue of discussion from a different level or perspective. In the Cultural Revolution, the cultivation culture in our ancient Chinese history was criticised and damaged. Most people do not know about or believe in cultivation practice. What our Teacher taught us are principles of cultivation. However, the propaganda controlled by Jiang's group quote out of context to defame our Teacher. What I personally experienced can demonstrate that the slanderous reports fabricated by Jiang's state-run media outlets against Falun Gong are simply lies and deliberate attacks. They charge that practitioners "do not go to the hospital" or "are not allowed to take medicine". This is really not the issue at all.

Reporter: Your family members have been concerned about you. Now they must be very happy, aren't they?

David: It has been really hard for them. In the first few weeks, I could say that they were extremely worried. My elder sister especially came from Hong Kong to see me. Of course, she did not want me to become disabled. Unfortunately, having been influenced by the negative propaganda from Jiang group's propaganda for a few years, my family members had some misunderstandings about Falun Dafa. Through this incident as well as my miraculous recovery, all my family members are convinced. They personally witnessed the supernatural power of Falun Dafa.

* * * * *

Zeng Qinghong, who has played an important role in Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong, paid a state visit to South Africa from June 27th to 29th. In order to seek legal means to stop the persecution, on the evening of June 28th, Australian Falun Gong practitioners flew to South Africa. On their way to the Presidential Guest House, they were attacked. Practitioner David Liang was shot in both feet. The attackers immediately fled the spot after the incident. This was the most severe incident encountered by overseas Falun Gong practitioners over the past five years. The police investigated the incident as an attempted murder.

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