Belated News: Nan Chuyin from Hubei Province Tormented to Death - His Son Is in Critical Condition from Torture

Nan Xiaoqing and his family live in Xishui County in Hubei Province. They have remained steadfast in their belief in Falun Dafa, but because of that, Jiang's regime broke up their family. The father, Nan Chuyin, died in February 2001 as a result of the persecution. The mother and one of the two younger sisters were also illegally imprisoned numerous times. In addition, the other younger sister has been sentenced to six years in prison merely for distributing Falun Gong materials to clarify the truth to people. Nan Xiaoqing continues to be illegally imprisoned in the Xishui First Detention Centre, long past the expiration of his term over a year ago. He suffers from four serious diseases but is still being tortured. He is as skinny as a rake and is in critical condition.

Mr. Nan Xiaoqing is in his thirties. He was sentenced to eight years in prison one month before the Xishui County Court even held a trial. Afterwards, they held a secret trial to announce the end of the case without even informing Nan's family. Nan has appealed to Huanggang City Intermediate Court. Nan has been subjected to severe torture in the detention centre. He is extremely weak and is exhibiting symptoms of serious disease. For fear of being held responsible, the detention centre sent Nan to the Huanggang City First Hospital on September 6 for an examination. Nan was diagnosed with hypertension, hypertension-related heart disease, kidney function failure, and hardening of the cerebral arteries. He has difficulty digesting food and is emaciated. He only weighs a little over 30 kilograms (65 lbs).

Nan was originally a college student at the Southwest Sichuan Petroleum Institute. His father Nan Chuyin was an excellent doctor with a good reputation and who got along well with others. His mother is a housewife. One younger sister, Nan Tianju, is 26 years old. The other sister, Nan Xifen, is 23 years old and works in the field of nursing and medicine. The five-member family happily learned about Falun Dafa in 1999. They followed the teaching of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" to become good people. Through practising Falun Gong, the sicknesses they suffered from before were cured. They became healthy in mind and body. The whole family lived in harmony and was widely known as a happy family.

Nan was illegally arrested twice and imprisoned for a long time because he went to Beijing to appeal against the wrongful treatment of Falun Gong to the Central Government. During that time the Southwest Petroleum Institute accused Nan of skipping classes for 23 days and expelled him. In May 2000, the Xinhua News Agency reported that Nan had given up practising Falun Gong after being "re-educated". After that, the Southwest Petroleum Institute readmitted him. In June 2000, the "Sichuan Daily" printed a trumped-up story that Nan had been "Reformed", which further deceived those who were unclear about the truth of Falun Dafa.

In April 2003, Nan publicly clarified the magnificence of Falun Dafa to many people. The Xishui police then arrested him and imprisoned him in the Xishui First Detention Centre for 19 months beyond his jail term. The Xishui Court sentenced him to eight years of imprisonment without going through any judicial procedures. Six months later they convened a secret court to finish the routine. Nan's family members were not informed during that whole time.

Nan's father Nan Chuyin practised the Falun Gong exercises on December 25, 1999, and was brutally beaten. Police officer Xia Shousong smashed his forehead with a torch. Together with other police officers they also slammed Nan to the ground and stepped on his neck with their leather boots. In addition, they randomly kicked Nan on his head and other parts of his body. Nan's face was full of blood. After that, he was delivered to the Xishui First Detention Centre. He was beaten almost daily and suffered from endless other tortures. Because of these tortures, Nan was passing blood in his stool. His lower abdomen started to swell bigger and bigger. In May 2000, he was transferred to the Huangshi Labour Camp. Because of his extremely poor physical condition, authorities at the Huangshi Labour Camp dared not admit him. Nan was then returned to the detention centre. On September 24 he was transferred to the Shayang Labour Camp and endured further abuse and mistreatment. One night in February 2001, Nan Chuyin died after spitting up a massive amount of blood. "Hubei Legal System Newspaper" published an article on February 23, 2001, distorting the facts. The story lied, claiming that Doctor Nan Chuyin "died because he was obsessed with Falun Gong and refused to be treated."

Nan Xiaoqing's mother and his younger sister closest to him in age Nan Tianju were also imprisoned numerous times because they practised the Falun Gong exercises and clearly told the government that Falun Dafa is great. Several times they were each on the verge of death. Nan's youngest sister Nan Xifen worked in Sichuan. Because she told the people the truth about Falun Dafa and the facts of the persecution and what her brother suffered and let everyone know that Falun Dafa is great, she was sentenced to six years. She remains imprisoned in Sichuan and is suffering severe torture.

A once happy and good family has been mercilessly persecuted by certain individuals and police officers from Sichuan Public Security Organizations, prosecuting organizations and the people's court. This abuse and mistreatment caused the death of one family member, the imprisonment of others, and the near death of yet another. It is truly extremely tragic!

The names and phone numbers of the relevant departments and responsible personnel:

Hubei Province's Xishui County People's Prosecutor
The chief prosecutor's phone number: 6-713-4235521

Hubei Province's Xishui People's Court
Office: 86-713-4238009

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