Irish Falun Dafa Association Congratulates the Founding of the Japanese Falun Dafa Association

Dear Association Members and Japanese Practitioners,

It is with sincere happiness we read that Japanese practitioners have officially established a Falun Dafa Association. From all Irish practitioners - well done!

The entire Chinese government mechanism has been used by former Chinese president Jiang Zemin and his group to try to eliminate Falun Dafa practitioners through all means. After five years of torture and persecution these villains’ hands are covered in blood. Through Falun Dafa practitioners righteous efforts to clarify the truth and disperse the lies told by Jiang’s group, their audience and scope for persecuting innocent people is getting smaller and smaller. First the American government recognised the persecution, then Canada, Europe and many other countries. The countries who find it most difficult to condemn the persecution are those with the closest links to China, as they have the most to lose. This is what makes the Japanese government’s righteous action even more splendid.

When a country officially recognises Falun Dafa it is doing the opposite of what Jiang’s group did on July 20th 1999. Where Jiang sought to ban this meditation practice out of his own jealousy and irrational fears, other countries are openly embracing it. For each country where Falun Dafa is officially recognised the people there must ask, ‘Why is it banned in China?’ It is inevitable that as more of the world’s people learn the truth about the horrible persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China that the righteous voice condemning it gets louder and stronger.

Even in China there is a righteous voice growing condemning the persecution. Many Chinese people have seen through the lies and are angry that innocent people are hunted like criminals while real criminals get away. When more governments and people outside China recognise Falun Dafa it must strengthen those within China who are opposed to the persecution and are trying to stop it.

Irish practitioners send a message of congratulations to the Japanese practitioners and the Japanese government, under difficult circumstances you stood up for Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. This could only be good for the Japanese people. Well done.


Irish Falun Dafa Association

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