The Magnificient Russian Falun Gong girls

By Russian practitioners

“The rose from Russia who is not afraid of the cold.” This is a sentence by poets to praise Russian girls. In Russia, there are a group of girls who practise Falun Gong. They are the roses for Falun Gong who are even more resistant to coldness.

The girls are nice, kind, healthy and natural. Because they study the Fa [Teachings and Principles of Falun Gong] and practise the exercises everyday, they have really delicate pinkish skin. They always show smiles on their faces because they are happy deep in their hearts. Some of them have even become younger and prettier since practising Falun Gong. All these are very natural to Falun Gong practitioners. It is as natural as the sweetness of honey which nobody questions.

In Russian, the word “girl” has very different meaning to the same word in Chinese. The Chinese people call single young ladies “girls” while the Russians even address married women “girls”. Among our ‘girl’ practitioners there are many mothers, and a few of them are even senior ladies. Everyday they need to go to work and take care of the family. Most of them are not financially well off. Apart from these, they study the Fa and promote the exercise to the society everyday. They appeared at the SOS biking campaign at St Petersburg, at the public exercises in Moscow’s streets and parks, at the candle vigils in front of the Chinese embassy, at Mind Body Spirit exhibitions, and at Falun Gong artists’ exhibitions, etc. There is a girl whose purse is always filled with Dafa literature. When she meets the Russian people she gives out the Russian copies, and with the Chinese people she gives out the Chinese copies. Sometimes she even wears the photographs in front of her chest. There is another girl who used to take the opportunity of taking the baby out to chat to people and to reveal the truth. She then awakened that it was not appropriate to do so. She thought that it should have been the other way round: to take the opportunity to reveal the truth to people to take the baby out. Another girl is very active in studying the Fa and practising the exercises. Once she did not turn up at a Fa study session. When I asked about her, someone told me that her shoe sole had fallen off and she need to repair it before going out. Then I understood she only had one pair of shoes, and it was this girl who kept printing Dafa materials out of her own money!

There are also some girls who once faced the harassments of threatening telephone calls and armed police forces. All these they sorted out with a pure and calm heart. Whenever seeing a Falun Gong girl, all kind hearted people feel the joy.

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