Slovenian Ministry of Defence: "China should stop the senseless persecution of members of the Falun Gong movement"

Republic of Slovenia
Ministry of Defence
Office of the Minister

9th march 2004.

To the Austrian Falun Dafa Association,

It is in the nature of humankind to choose its own way of living, and if someone's beliefs and acts do not take away the freedoms of another human being, nobody has the right to restrict him for that. Also, the rules of the International Declaration of Human Rights explicitly forbid any access to one’s integrity and to his own belief, as that would mean the restriction of personal freedom.

In the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, we implicitly condemn execution or support of any kind to genocide, especially such that is incited by a government that is obliged to care for its own citizens. We principally agree with the Concurrent Resolution 188 of the US Congress, which states that the government of the Republic of China should stop the senseless persecution of members of the Falun Gong movement – a traditional practice of mind and body improvement. Also, because that philosophy is based on truthfulness, goodness and mutual tolerance, without a doubt it positively influences the contentment of people, as well as the spiritual and physical health. Only contented individuals can create a healthy, democratic society, which altogether enables growth and development of each individual.

Apart from that, we support the right of each person to decide to join the Falun Gong movement, because belief is one of the most important elements of the base of human dignity, and according to that it is inalienable.

With pleasant greetings,

Mr. Darko Lubi.
Chief of the Office of the Minister,

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