Ukraine: Promoting Falun Gong in Chernigov City

In late June, I came to Chernigoy city with my family. I stayed there for two weeks. During my stay, I promoted the Fa in a few places.

One of the places was a Chinese market. I went there last year too with some Chinese material I had with me. This time I also took a lot of Chinese truth newspapers and the little information booklet called “Walking along with you”. Although they were not up to date, they were still very popular. Nobody refused to accept the newspaper; a few people even ran to me to ask for some. They were shouting “Falun Gong” on their way to me; they said you would know what Falun Gong really is simply by reading the newspapers. Some people also greeted Master. Because I didn’t take many of the information booklets with me, everyone who got one said they would read from the beginning to the end, and then pass it on to others. As not everyone had the facility to watch the information VCD, the person who had it said he would play it for all to watch.

When I tried to contact bookshops that stocked Falun Dafa books, I met a person who was asking for books about theology. I talked about Falun Dafa with him. Afterwards, he introduced me to the local metaphysics library; he is actually the principal of that library. As soon as I left the truth newspaper in Russian, there were people who picked them up to read straight away. They also erected an introduction to Falun Gong which we made during the Kiev Fa Conference for people to have a look.

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