Ireland: Anti-Torture Exhibition in Dublin Shocks People

On Saturday the 17th of July, Irish practitioners held a torture exhibition in the city centre of Dublin, in front of the city’s main post office. The Tiger Bench, Bamboo Sticks and Metal Cages were among the torture methods demonstrated and made real brutal abuse that practitioners are going through in China. People who were passing by watched the exhibition intently and carefully read the materials given to them. The commentator told the audience stories about the persecution and how this is still happening right now in China. People were shaken after hearing the stories

This activity attracted a lot of Chinese people and the commentator told them about the progress of the persecution after five years, how education authorities and the media in China were all involved in persecuting Falun Gong and about the self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square.

An elderly Irish lady watched us for a few hours and would not leave. When the activity was finished, she said to the practitioners in tears, “You have done very well. Do you come here every week? At what time?”
A middle-aged man pointed to the Irish flag at the top of the post office and said, “Do you see that? It was put there after the war. You should fight against them.” The practitioner who was the commentator said,“We are fighting. Pens are our weapons and words are our bullets. We are fighting but we are peaceful. Fighting cannot save China. The most important thing right now is to stop the people of China hating Falun Gong. When everybody knows the truth and do not support the persecution, it will end."

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