Painting: Zhong Kui Slaying Demons

Writing in the painting (from right to left)

Painting of Zhong Kui slaying demons
Written by Qian Juntao
On Caixing’s painting [Zhang Cuiying’s penname]
In the late spring of 1990

[Note: Mr. Qian Juntao was Ms. Zhang Cuiying’s art teacher]

Zhong Kui is a Chinese god who guards ones door in Chinese mythology. It is said that he can eliminate demons and drive away evils and ghosts; therefore, many Chinese people like to post the portrait of Zhong Kui on the entrance of their homes to repel demons and ghosts.

Zhong Kui looks ferocious and clenches his teeth on a sword ready to slay the next demon or evil being. Good and moral people need not to fear Zhong Kui. It is those bad and immoral people that have to watch out for the righteous sword of Zhong Kui.

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