Death of Practitioner Zhou Rong in 2001 and Other Persecution Cases in Guizhou Province

After Practitioner Kong Deyi Was Sentenced, His Father Died from the Mental Strain and His Wife and Child Lost Their Means of Support

Dafa practitioner, Mr. Kong Deyi, 38, was an employee of the Yonghong Mechanical Factory in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. After July 1999, he was interrogated by State Security authorities many times because he practised Falun Dafa. In October 2000, he was interrogated by Police Officer Chen Dengliang (male) and others from the Xiaohe Police Substation, where he was handcuffed to the doorframe for 24 hours. Police also ransacked his home. He was demoted from his position of factory car driver to the supply department. The factory leader arranged to have him pick up materials from Yunnan Province during this time. Because he met with fellow practitioners while in Yunnan, State Security agents interrogated him closely upon his return. On March 2, 2001, he was deceived into attending a brainwashing programme advertised as a "Legal Education Class" held at the Huaxi Dairy Farm.

On April 24, 2002, Mr. Kong was forced by male factory police officers Liu Chuanye and Niu Xingguo to go to the Provincial Zhongba brainwashing class, where he was imprisoned for nine months. His father was very worried that his son might be sentenced to prison, plus he missed him so much, he could not bear the intense mental anxiety. He died because his illnesses grew worse and his physical condition quickly deteriorated.

On January 15, 2003, Mr. Kong was sentenced to three years in a labour camp. The first four days in the camp, the police would not allow him to sleep or use the toilet. They beat him up at will, causing him to pass out several times. He suffered inhumane torture. His wife and daughter both relied on his salary to live. Now his family has no means of support.

Accused of Passing out Materials Explaining The Facts of the Persecution, Mr. Tao Xianming and His Wife Jin Yunbi Had to Leave Home; Their Son Suffered a Nervous Breakdown

On the evening of April 28, 2002, Dafa practitioner, Ms. Jin Yunbi, went to visit friends and met with her employer, factory police officer Sun Haizhou, who accused Jin of passing out materials, which explained the facts of the persecution of Falun Dafa. Although he had no proof, he wanted to take her to his office. Sun asked another police officer to call the Xiaohe Police Substation. Police Officer Chen Dengliang then brought several police to Jin's home. When they asked Jin's husband Mr. Tao if his wife was home, he said, "No." The police said that someone reported that she was passing out flyers. They also accused Mr. Tao's oldest son Tao Derong of passing out flyers. In fact, Tao Derong had been out giving an acupuncture treatment to one of his patients. On his way home he happened to run into the police, who did not find any truth clarification materials on him. Even with no evidence and without proper legal procedures, Chen Dengliang arrested the father and son and took them to the police station for interrogation. When Ms. Jin returned home, the police wanted to arrest her as well. They pounded on the door, but she refused to open it. Chen Dengliang made his helper kick in her door, which damaged the lock, and stormed into her home. They ransacked her home, but did not find single flyer. They arrested Ms. Jin anyway and handcuffed her overnight. During the interrogation, Officer Chen said that Ms. Jin would be deprived of all her political rights for the rest of her life. When this produced no results, they took Ms. Jin's fingerprints by force for the interrogation record. Officer Wang Yuxiang cursed her, punched her in the face with his fist, and bruised her.

Next day, the police sent Ms. Jin to Lannigou Detention Centre. When the police in the detention centre asked her how her face got bruised, Officer Wang Yuxiang did not allow her to say that it was he that had punched her. They detained Ms. Jin for 26 days, and then had to release her because she was innocent.

Their son Mr. Tao Derong was locked in the Xiaohe District Drug Rehabilitation Centre. Whoever visited him had to pay 300 yuan [the average monthly pay of an urban worker is 500 yuan]. Because Mr. Tao Derong refused to give up Falun Dafa, the police beat him up, confined him in a solitary compartment (1), and handcuffed him to the window frame. After forcing him to wear a helmet so that they would not have to worry about killing him, the police brutally beat him, causing wounds all over his body and such pain in his lower back that he was unable to move. He suffered a nervous breakdown from the constant torture he received. Finally the police had to send him home. His family had to send him to a hospital for six months, at the cost of thousands of yuan for him to recover. He was not able to return to work for over a year.

The factory police often harass people in their homes, request that they write a "Guarantee Statement (2)," and threaten to send them to brainwashing program if they refuse to cooperate. Mr. Tao Xianming's family could not live in peace and for over a year had to leave their home in order to avoid being illegally arrested and persecuted further. The persecution caused them mental, physical and financial losses.

Falun Dafa Practitioner Zhou Rong was Tortured To Death

Mr. Zhou Rong used to live in a district of Guiyang City. He was arrested when he went to Beijing to appeal in 2000. First he was sent to Tianjin City, then Hebei Province, until he was dying. After he was sent home, his family took him to PLA No.44 Hospital for emergency treatment. He died in the hospital in 2001, only in his 20's.

(1) "Being confined in a solitary compartment" means locking up a single detainee in a solitary cell, which contains a basin and a pair of handcuffs. The basin is used both for washing and as a toilet. One end of the handcuffs fastens the wrist and the other end attaches to the door railing. The handcuffs can be fastened onto the door railing at three different heights. In the highest position, the detainee has to extend his/her arm upward. The middle position is at waist level. In the lowest position, the detainee can sit on the ground.

(2) A statement to declare that he or she is remorseful for practising Falun Gong and guarantees not to practise Falun Gong again, not to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and never again associate with any Falun Dafa practitioners.

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