Estonia: Estonian People Support Falun Dafa and Want to Learn the Practice

Between the 14th and 16th of May, Falun Dafa practitioners from Latvia, Finland, Sweden and Australia introduced Falun Dafa in Tallinn, Estonia's capital. Practitioners were invited to participate in the Mother Earth Health Fair. Last year's participation was a big success and many people in Estonia were interested in Falun Dafa. During the fair, Falun Gong was also being introduced in the central park in Tallinn.

The fair was held at a beautiful place near the sea in the Estonian singing arena. Many guests showed great interest in Falun Dafa. They asked about practice sites and courses for learning Falun Gong. Lots of people wanted to learn the exercises on the spot. After seeing Falun Dafa at the Fair, the Chief Editor from the Estonian Health Magazine invited practitioners to participate in a event to be held in June. She also wanted to write an article about Falun Gong in the magazine so that more Estonians could learn about this unique cultivation practice.

The persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in China touched the hearts of many of the visitors. One 10-year old boy came to look at the pictures of the persecution, and a practitioner explained to him the reasons behind them. A moment after boy came back with his mother to sign the petition. The mother wanted to know more about Falun Gong and wrote down the addresses of Falun Dafa websites.

Some practitioners were introducing Falun Gong in Tallinn's central park. Banners, information boards and photos attracted passers-by, as did the exercise demonstration. Because there are no Falun Gong practitioners in Estonia, many people saw Dafa for the very first time. The name list of people who wanted to learn the practice kept on increasing and there were small groups of people learning the exercises in the park.

Mrs. Jane Dai and her daughter Fadu from Australia were among the practitioners visiting Estonia. Dai's husband was killed by the Chinese police because he would not renounce his belief in Falun Dafa. Since then, Dai and her daughter have travelled around the world telling people about the persecution in China, in order to improve human rights in China as well as to help thousands of similar families who have suffered from the persecution of Falun Gong. Jane Dai's personal story deeply touched many Estonians. Two local newspapers wrote an article about Falun Gong after hearing her talk about about the reality of the persecution. On Saturday, a photographer from the newspaper Päeväleht came to take some photos.

Many kind-hearted Estonians supported practitioners' aim to stop the persecution in China, and they signed the petition demanding justice for Falun Gong. Many said that they understand the situation in China very well, as they have been under communist rule themselves. Even though practitioners didn't speak any Estonian, people could understand the peaceful and compassionate nature of Falun Dafa and practitioners.

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