Germany: Clarifying the Truth in Rothenburg City

Rothenburg is a popular tourist site on the river Neckar in southern Germany. There are a great number of tourists visiting the city each day, including Chinese people. With help from practitioners from other cities, Dafa practitioners in Wuerzburg held a Falun Dafa information day on May 15th.

It was a sunny day. There were many tourists in town. Our practitioners kept on practicing the exercises, distributing materials, and telling the facts. Sometimes when we had our eyes open after we finished sending forth righteous thoughts or practicing the exercises, we saw crowds of people coming in all directions. Such crowds of people looked at us, took photos of us, read the display boards, and voluntarily took the materials.

Some of them had been to China and liked it very much. They did not expect that such a miserable persecution would take place in China. Some told practitioners that they also saw practitioners in other countries. They knew the facts and expressed their support for what we were doing. Some enquired about the exercise sites and wanted to learn the exercises. Some of them, from Korea and Japan, expressed their thanks to have flyers in their own language. Some of those from China thought silently, looked at the display boards and asked for more information. When we told them not to listen to lies and not to oppose Falun Gong a lot of them nodded their heads. Some of them read aloud the characters, “Bring Jiang Zemin to Trial”, on the banner and smiled with agreement. A lot of them signed their names in the collection form with the characters, “Bring Jiang Zemin to Trial.”

We often saw a lot of people interested in the display boards on which the origin and history of the srivatsa symbol 卍 were explained. They asked practitioners a lot of questions and had long conversations with us. A local senior citizen from Rothenburg had a two hour conversation with our practitioners and said that he was very glad to know everything and he’d like to learn Falun Gong as well.

After a long day, some practitioners faces were sunburnt. Several senior practitioners stood for a day doing the exercises; and other practitioners brought their babies to participate in this activity. Everyone was gratified because more people came to know the truth.

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