Small Things Are Not So Small

Teacher Li tells us in the article "Master's New Year's Day 2004 Greeting to Dafa Disciples" that, "For the sake of all living things, for the sake of validating Dafa, stay diligent on the path to godhood!" After reading the article repeatedly, I thought about some words and sentences that my fellow practitioners and I have said that don't conform to Dafa's standards: "Look at those everyday people who are stubborn and refuse to change and oppose Dafa. Just let whatever will happen to them happen!"

Teacher Li mentioned in lectures on the Fa [law or principles in the Buddha School] many times that Dafa creates different environments for beings in different realms. Everyday people's society is also the manifestation of Buddha Law at the lowest level and having a family is the basic unit of human activities. All of these are the forms of human beings that gods in the cosmos created according to karma. Family is also a kind of environment in which Dafa practitioners clarify the truth and we should not let everyday people's irrational behaviour manifest in Dafa practitioners thoughts or behaviour. In family, we should follow the standards of speaking within a family. Teacher Li said in the chapter of "Cultivation of Speech" in Lecture Eight in Zhuan Falun,

"We should all speak according to a practitioner's xinxing rather than create conflicts or say something improper. As practitioners, we must measure ourselves with the standard of the Fa to determine whether we should say certain things. What should be said will not present a problem if one complies with the xinxing standard for practitioners according to the Fa."

In family we should not mention those kinds of words like "I can leave here and you cannot go," etc. Otherwise, this will not show everyday people the meaning of cultivation in a righteous path. That is a manifestation of some deeply hidden human attachments. If we let everyday people develop some misunderstandings about Dafa such as "You cultivate and you will leave, and thus your family in everyday people's society is broken," then aren't we also discrediting Dafa to a certain degree?

Falun Dafa practitioners have to take a righteous path and behave to a high standard towards their family and others and they should also help other members of the family see the beauty of Falun Dafa from you. If we can take the righteous path, then in this world not only 100 million Dafa practitioners could benefit from Dafa, and it will be 200 or 300 million or even more people who will also benefit. I think that how to speak in the family seems to be a small thing, but it is not small. Teacher Li tells practitioners to be "full of great aspirations while minding minor details." ("Sage" in Falun Dafa Essentials For Further Advancement) From Teacher Li's new article, my understanding is that the path we need to take is "the path to godhood," and we cannot take this path if we carry any human attachments.

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