A Visit to Iran

I'm an Iranian practitioner living in Sweden. On a recent trip to Iran I spent some time with the practitioners there. Falun Gong is spreading fast in Iran and you can find groups of practitioners in many cities. Cities with no practitioners have also invited practitioners to come there to teach the practice. The practitioners are very diligent with many ongoing projects. During the weekends, practitioners gather in the largest park in Teheran, the capital of Iran, to practise and teach the exercises. I also noticed that some practitioners go to the park to practise the exercises every day before work.

Recently, practitioners in Iran held their first large experience sharing conference, where practitioners from different cities gathered to share their experiences. Iran has an ancient tradition of self-cultivation and it seems many people were waiting to obtain the Fa. I also noticed that the practitioners in Iran have a very good understanding of the Fa and have improved their character in a quite harsh environment. What touched me most was how well they are able to cooperate and organise things, and the harmonious cohesion that exists between them.

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