Falun Dafa Practitioners Visit over 40 Permanent Missions and Embassies During UN Human Rights Commission Meeting in Geneva

Between March the 14th and the 19th 2004, Falun Dafa practitioners visited the permanent missions and embassies of over 40 countries that comprise the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva. Among the visitors were practitioners that have been persecuted in China for upholding their belief in Falun Dafa. The practitioners clarified the facts and exposed the vicious crimes of Jiang and his followers.

Each mission and embassy received a package that contained a booklet of the United Nation's reports on the persecution of Falun Gong, a "False Fire" VCD, (an exposé of the self-immolation staged by Jiang's group to defame Falun Dafa) and letters from practitioners who suffered directly from the persecution. They were also informed of the lawsuits around the world to bring Jiang and his followers to justice for crimes against humanity and genocide.

The staff members, assistants, and members of the delegations of many countries were very sympathetic. They were shocked that the persecution had gotten worse and that more lives had been lost or endangered. Many expressed their hope for an end to this persecution and said they would do what they could to help. They spoke kind words towards Falun Dafa and to the practitioners.

A delegate from a small country located close to China told us that he had seen all of our peaceful appeals in Geneva over the last 4 years. He personally felt very sympathetic and didn't want to see the Chinese people continue to be persecuted by their own leader. He hoped that the persecution would end soon and he said that although his country is small and somewhat dependent on China, he would write a report to his government about the human rights violations against Falun Gong. He also said that should the U.S. introduce a resolution at this year's human rights commission, he would do as much as he could to support it. Another delegate didn't know that this persecution was happening in China, but after learning the facts, he said he would definitely support us.

Overall we realised the importance of clarifying the truth more deeply to our governments so that they can further understand the seriousness of the genocide against Falun Gong. It is up to us to help them to have proper thoughts and to give them this precious opportunity to know the truth, so that they can make a conscious decision for their own future and the future of their people.

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