Radio Free Asia: Germany will Support US Resolution Condemning China’s Human Rights

Former German Green Party president, Ms Roth, now in charge of human rights issues in German parliament, said that not only would Germany support a resolution by the US condemning China’s human rights, but it would also express concern about China’s death penalties. The following is a brief summary of a recording by Radio Free Asia’s German correspondent Tien Yi.

15th of March, was the start of this year’s United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva. On March 22nd, the US government put forward a resolution condemning China’s human rights. In response, the Chinese government not only put forward a White Paper to defend its position, but also tried to persuade some member African nations to shun the resolution. To gauge the reaction of the German society and government, RFA’s correspondent interviewed a Law scholar from the University of China, Ms Zheng Zhihong, now living in Berlin, on the evening of Tuesday 30th.

Commenting on China’s White Paper on human rights, the purpose of which was to prevent the US resolution from being passed, Ms Zheng Zhihong said that at the moment, all European human rights organisations and Falun Gong websites were ready to debate the Chinese claim using concrete realistic examples and statistics. China claimed that the most important rights for Chinese people were the right to live and the right to not starve, and that it had followed its covenants with various countries on human rights.

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