Amnesty International Press Release: "Pleasant words are insufficient; they must be accompanied by substantive actions."

On the opening day of the 60th United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Amnesty International published a press release directed at the announcement made at China’s recent People’s Congress regarding the addition of a stipulation on human rights in the Constitution.

Amnesty International welcomed this announcement made at the People’s Congress. However it also reminded China that these moves must be followed by respective laws and improvements in the state institution as a guarantee, in order to ensure the implementation of protection of human rights. Amnesty International also pointed out: “Pleasant words are insufficient; they must be accompanied by substantive actions”.

Amnesty International observed that in fulfilling its responsibilities towards international human rights, China’s record is still appalling. The article also pointed out the misfortune encountered by Hua Huiqi in Beijing Fengtai region’s police station and requested that China allow respective workgroups in the UN to conduct investigations into this matter.

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