Large-Scale Activities in Geneva Bring the Hope of a Brighter Future to the 60th Anual United Nations Human Rights Congress

On Monday the 15th of March 2004, the 60th annual United Nations Human Rights Congress began in Geneva, Switzerland. As the most important annual human rights meeting in the world, this congress presents a great opportunity to inform a large number of NGOs, human rights organisations, officials, and governments of the genocide occurring against Falun Gong in China. Around 500 Falun Gong practitioners from countries all around the world gathered in Geneva, to us this opportunity to raise the profile of the persecution of Falun Gong in the international community, and to explain in more depth the nature of the persecution.

Although this is the fifth year practitioners have come to the United Nations to appeal to the UN and the public, this year was not simply a repeat of previous years. The factors previously preventing people, governments, NGOs and the UN from understanding the persecution more deeply and acting to condemn it have become a lot fewer now. In addition, practitioners have grown in their wisdom, capacity and determination to help people understand the facts more deeply. This year brings a genuine opportunity for the UN, NGOs governments, delegates and so on to understand more thoroughly the true nature of Jiang's Genocide and to break out of the deceit with which the Jiang regime has ensnared them. It is a great chance for many people's bright future.

At about 8:30am, several hundred Falun Gong practitioners gathered in Place Neuve, a large tree-lined area close to the heart of the city centre. They practised the Falun Gong exercises and did Fa Zheng Nian for about an hour, before gathering together to prepare for a parade through the city streets. At the front of parade, behind a large wreath of flowers reading in French, “To the Victims of the Persecution of Falun Gong in China” walked several victims of the persecution, including Zhao Ming from Ireland and Dai Zhizhen from Australia. They were followed by a large banner with "Blood Debt" written in Chinese and English.

The main instigators of the persecution of Falun gong are Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Liu Jing, and Zhou Yongkang. For each of these human rights criminals, practitioners carried a large white banner, calling for them to be brought to justice. White is the colour of mourning in Chinese culture. The victims of their crimes who have been tortured and persecuted to death were also remembered in white placards with their names and photos carried by the practitioners who followed behind. Hanging from numerous wooden frames, and swaying gently in the breeze, these 900 placards document only the known number deaths.

Following them came a bright array of banners, mostly white and yellow, carried by practitioners from around the world.

The morning mist was burnt off as the parade made its way through the city streets. The tourists and locals alike showed great interest in the procession, stopping to watch, take leaflets and ask questions. The tranquillity of the parade was mirrored by the remaining mist which lingered on the stillness of the lake as practitioners walked along the lakeside, displaying the messages of their banners to many passing motorists.

The destination of the parade was the Places des Nations, situated just outside the UN building. The banners of the parade were arranged so that the passing traffic and pedestrians could see their message, and practitioners stood patiently as a short rally began. The Co-Chairman of the European Falun Dafa Association Mr Peter Jauhal gave a speech, explaining why practitioners from all over the world had come to gather in Geneva. He urged the UN to act to help bring an end to the persecution, stating that the supposed human rights improvements in China are in fact illusion and deceit. He also explained that increased economic investment in China is not encouraging the Jiang regime to improve its human rights.

Messages condemning the persecution from various NGOs and also from three members of the Swiss Parliament were read out. A Falun Gong practitioner from New Zealand also gave a speech in which he described his harrowing experiences in a labour camp, persecuted because he would not give up practising Falun Gong. The content of his speech was in sharp contrast with the peaceful, beautiful day, bringing the harsh reality of the violence and brutality home to the audience. He described how, following harsh torture and mental pressure, he had been on the verege of losing his sanity.

After the rally, practitioners spent the rest of the day practising the Falun Gong exercises and sending righteous thoughts. The weather remained clear, bright and warm.

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