A Few Thoughts on Rooting out the Attachment to Self

The entire universe has deviated. It is therefore no surprise that different states manifest when a cultivator is not in a proper cultivation state, or when cultivators end up in a deadlock. If we carefully look inside, we may find that the ultimate cause is being attached to self. Selfishness runs through even very high levels in the universe. Being attached to the self was the basis for beings' existence in the past. The old forces are attached to what they want and therefore severely interfere with the Fa-rectification. For Fa-rectification Dafa disciples it is crucial whether or not we can remain rational, and recognise and get rid of our attachment to self in a timely manner.

There are tests, such as when a practitioner needs to decide in which Dafa project to participate. Sometimes this decision is connected to the attachment of self and to recognition and prestige. For example, some people emphasise their individual capabilities and expertise, and wish to work on those projects that appear to be important, to be recognised for a larger contribution, and bask in their achievement. Yet they are not as interested in some important projects that require a lot of hard work and take place mostly behind the scenes. Some people have even left their important, Dafa website related posts.

It is important to keep a rational outlook and proper perspective on this issue. Such attachments to self can easily be covered up. Every task we do for Dafa is connected to Dafa projects. All are important and need people's skills. Everything is for Dafa, but one might have placed his or her attachment before Dafa. If a practitioner doesn't pay attention to or does not realise for a long time that such an attachment exists, then he would find that things are difficult to move forward. This practitioner might feel tired, both physically and mentally, become complacent and find less and less time to study the Fa.

Some practitioners don't join group Fa study or experience sharing for a long time, nor do they read e-mails or return phone calls for a long time. They just find a few people to start their own projects. We certainly should do Dafa projects during Fa rectification, but we have to take the proper, correct path in order to validate Dafa to the broadest extent.

Fa-rectification is pushing ahead at an ever-greater pace. If we cannot get rid of the attachment to self, we cannot offer salvation to people on a larger scale.

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