Discussing the United Nations Human Rights Conference

The United Nations Human Rights Conference begins on the 15th March. There are only three days left. However, what have practitioners in Australia done as one body?

Another Opportunity for Compassionately Saving People

Master has said that the current time is left for practitioners. Master also told us that the Fa-rectification is bound to succeed. The end has already been written. It is only that, as practitioners in the Fa-rectification period, we should play our roles well in this drama. Then, what form will the drama take this time?

Master said in Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference:

“The Chinese government made an agreement with many Western countries after the “June 4th” [Tiananmen Square] incident, namely, “You can criticise my human rights problems, but don’t do it publicly. We can talk about it in private.” They reached that kind of agreement with many countries. Many European countries have indeed talked to them about the Falun Gong issue, but the world’s people don’t know. And without pressure from the international community the wicked regime doesn’t care. So in the absence of pressure from public opinion, the persecution of Falun Gong has become even more rampant and out of control. So the world’s people don’t know the evilness of the persecution, and some countries’ governments intentionally hold back the media from reporting it. And yet their closed-door talks have been a total failure—they’re absolutely useless. They’ve been fooled by the evil regime, and they’ve fallen right into the trap. That is the most wicked scoundrel gang there’s ever been in history, and it absolutely cannot be trusted. I think the world’s people should see this clearly now, and they should know what’s been happening. Gods won’t just turn a blind eye to what humans do.”

The United Human Rights Conference in Geneva this time is a further opportunity given to the world’s people by Dafa. It is also an opportunity for every Dafa practitioner to save more of the world’s people in the Fa-rectification.

One practitioner from Europe said, “This drama is for practitioners all over the world as one body to ask their governments and media in the whole world to condemn the evil persecution publicly instead of doing it privately. The specific method is to encourage all governments and unofficial organisations to bring a resolution in The United Human Rights Conference.” The stage is in Geneva. There is a saying which is, “Ten minutes on the stage, ten years of efforts off the stage.” The effect of “Ten years of efforts” should be made known to our governments and unofficial organisations before the delegation of our countries set out for Geneva.

Then, how should we make this effort? Doing a lot of work does not mean that we are making enough effort. It is how we recognise and understand the roles we should play in this drama. Everyday people do things with their hands and feet, but practitioners do it with their cultivation energy. The energy of practitioners is more microscopic than that of this human dimension and can travel through a wider area. And this kind of energy is obtained by assimilating to the Fa of higher levels. Therefore, whether we can act well the drama of The United Human Rights Conference depends on everyone’s understanding of this event from the Fa. Even if one does not speak a foreign language, and cannot not visit MPs, one can still participate, because the energy of practitioners is not limited by this time-space.

Master has spoken about the attachments that we had to the United Nations previously. However, not depending on everyday people does not mean that we do not do anything at all. The United Nations is a unique organisation among everyday people, and the UN Human Rights Conference is the focus of concern about human rights from all over the world. It will also be the focus of the global media. This is a chance to clarify the truth on a large scale to a broad range of sentient beings. We may not ordinarily have a suitable chance to visit VIPs. Now an opportunity has arrived, so we should seize it and clarify the facts with a broad scope. As for the result, it will unfold naturally so we do not have to be attached to it. On the contrary, if we do not seize the chance, not only do we not play our roles well in this drama, but also many everyday people who are waiting for us will lose their opportunity.

Focusing on How to Enable People to Learn the Truth

Some European practitioners discussed communication and sharing. At present, this event should be discussed widely among practitioners. We should form a widespread environment of sharing and communication as soon as possible in order to draw together the righteous thoughts and wisdom that we have cultivated in the Fa. Seize this opportunity well. It is not the work of a few practitioners to clarify the truth to the UN, human rights and governmental organisations. Even particular work that needs only a few practitioners to carry it out also needs everyone to coordinate as one body. I remember the event of Article 23 in Hong Kong last year. Everyone communicated widely, and everyone was making some progress. Some clarified the truth to governmental departments (including their own government), some clarified the truth to the media, some told the facts to unofficial organisations, and others clarified the truth to the public while collecting signatures. Even those elderly practitioners who did not know foreign languages did very well at signature collection.

However, at present, the thoughts of many practitioners have not changed since we joined The United Human Rights Conference in Geneva the previous times. They put most of their efforts and time to the music concert, parade, and appealing by doing exercises. Of course, they are also ways of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings, but they are not the only way. If we emphasise on how to make them understand the truth, our thoughts and wisdom will not be restrained to the previous forms of organising activities and superficial forms.

The Emphasis and Goal of Clarifying the Facts This Time

If we can do well in our own countries before setting off, we can play our “ten minutes on stage” in Geneva well with practitioners from all over the world. On the contrary, if the fundamental work is week, or we do not do well in the "effort of ten years", then the drama of “ten minutes” cannot be played well.

If practitioners in different countries can do well the work of their countries and governments, every nation can individually protest against the Jiang regime’s persecution towards its own innocent and good citizens. Then, all nations which support justice will not be afraid of the evil. They will not feel alone. The resolution against Jiang’s persecution of human rights can possibly be brought up and be passed in The United Human Rights Conference.

Especially as Australia is the chair nation of The United Human Rights Conference this year; other countries will watch the attitude of Australia. For practitioners in Australia, our own government is primary, and other nations are secondary. We ask the Australian government, human rights organisations, and the whole society to help pass the resolution. The specific requirements include condemning the persecution of Falun Gong publicly, requiring the Chinese government to release Falun Gong practitioners, including the relatives of the citizens of overseas nations, allowing the United Nations to send investigators to China to independently investigate the persecution of Falun Gong without disturbance, sending the Jiang criminal regime to the international court, and giving back justice to people.

As for unofficial organisations, in addition to the resolution, we also strived for the opportunity for practitioners to attend the conference. Falun Gong practitioners had very few opportunities to attend The United Human Rights Conference in the past years. We need to strive for more opportunities to attend the conference so that practitioners can have contact with the delegations of every country face to face. Because some unofficial organisations have the right to invite the delegations of other groups that are not qualified to attend the conference, we have to make contact with these unofficial organisations, asking them to invite Falun Gong practitioners. As a result, we can obtain more admission tickets as observers, and may have the opportunities to make statements at the Conference.

How Does Every Practitioner Participate In It?

It is not necessary that everyone should do the same thing. However, the concerns of all tasks and everyone's righteous thoughts from will form a strong field of righteousness. Our pushing the passing of a resolution in the human world together is actually a great battle between righteousness and evil in another dimension. What we need is the momentum of the One Body. We should create a great momentum, a huge momentum, a tremendous momentum at the human level.

The following are some specific suggestions that practitioners in Australia shared to provide to everyone as references.

1. Media. This is the key point of the momentum. News will directly go into thousands of families. It is more efficient than if we clarify the truth one by one. There are many ways to work with the media, which include asking the Epoch Times, NTDTV and Sound of Hope to do special reports. They can interview MPs, unofficial organisations, Chinese people, and practitioners. They can also write commentaries about practitioners or other groups. Even the Minghui Schools can write statements to explain the persecution by the evil towards children.

From the perspective of rescuing family members, practitioners can visit local media. We can explain why the resolution should be passed from the angle of our personal experience of persecution. People will ask, “How can we help rescue your family members?” Our answer is to help call on the Australian government to bring up the resolution in the Conference in Geneva. Wherever we go, we will visit the local media to tell them why we appeal for the resolution. So, the demand of a car trip this time is different from last time from the perspective of the Fa. Last time, we told people about the persecution. This time, we tell people why we are asking for a public condemnation.

2. Visiting MPs and unofficial organisations. The conference of the Australian parliament in March is from the 1st to the 11th. In the same way that Bill 704 was passed last year, we will contact all MPs in Australia from the 1st to the 5th March. We will ask them to discuss this resolution during the conference of MPs. If there is one MP or one unofficial organisation who would propose the resolution, we will ask him to write letters to other MPs or other unofficial organisations, and ask them to reply. A co-sponsor can also invite them to attend the big activity in Canberra on 8th March to give support.

3. Widely collecting signatures in public. This is also part of the momentum. The so-called momentum is to form a field. One more person’s support creates one more field of righteousness in the human world. Many Australians had signed before, and even more than once. But the purpose of each signature is different (ie. Article 23, 704 resolution). The Fa-rectification is progressing. The demand of practitioners in each phase is different. Actually, it is also different for everyday people. It is because the Fa-rectification is to rectify the whole universe. Every life is within it. At present, because there is no manipulation of the evil, the true human nature is revealing itself more and more. So they will have a deeper understanding of the truth. Those who do not know the truth or are against Dafa will meet us through Dafa's arrangement.

4. From now on, we begin to send forth righteous thoughts together at 10pm Sydney time to help the resolution be passed.

5. When we telephone China, we tell the evil why we are calling. We will remind them that Australia is the chair nation this year. Australia will bring the resolution to the United Nations Human Rights Conference. We will tell them that the facts of the persecution and the names of those who persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples will all be provided to the United Nations Human Rights Conference.

The most urgent thing now is that every Dafa disciple should understand why he goes to Geneva, what our goals and priorities are, and how we can enable the attendees of the United Nations Human Rights Conference to understand the truth. If we ourselves don’t understand, everyday people will not understand either. If we understand it thoroughly then we can tell the facts clearly to everyday people. The world's people who know the truth will publicly condemn the evil persecution.

What a better understanding of this issue achieves is hopefully that all practitioners will study the Fa diligently, think, and share more. Attached to the end is the understanding of practitioners through sharing and communicating from the Fa.

Above are some overseas practitioners shallow enlightenments within their limited levels. We hope to "attract jade by throwing a brick", and sincerely hope that more practitioners will make it more complete and perfect.

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