Finland: Falun Gong Exercise Class Attracts Public and Media Attention

On February the 21st 2004, a practitioner from central Finland held a Falun Gong exercise class. Most of the participants were glad to learn about Falun Dafa for the very first time. They practised the exercises wholeheartedly and with undivided attention. As well as learning the five sets of peaceful and energising exercises, the class attendees heard about the brutal campaign of Genocide that Jiang Zemin launched against Falun Gong practitioners in China. After learning the facts, many people signed a petition calling for an end to the persecution and asked for more detailed information.

Falun Gong exercise classes are always free and this one was arranged and requested by people from a traditional 19th Century Old Vicarage. This is one of the most unique old buildings in Finland and is situated in the beautiful countryside near the Puula Lake. Some local people heard about the Falun Gong exercise class on the radio and they left what they were doing to rush to the venue. Afterwards, everyone was very satisfied and eager to continue the practice. A reporter from the local newspaper Länsi-Savo also came to interview some of the practitioners and to report on the event.

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