Sweden: Celebrating the Second Anniversary of Falun Dafa Day in Lerum

The 4th of February 2004 was the second anniversary of Falun Dafa day in Lerum city.

Dafa practitioners went to a senior high school to demonstrate the exercise movements. The school Principal was very happy we had chosen to come to his school. We displayed information about Falun Dafa and demonstrated the exercises. Many teachers came to watch us and the response was very good.

Someone said “Falun Gong is really great” and there were others who had never heard of the practice before. After they saw the exercise demonstration and received information, they became rather curious. Most people had heard of Falun Gong and many felt curious enough to want to try the exercises. We felt that it was a very rewarding four and a half hours.

The school library accepted two books, as well as “Falun Gong: The Real Story” and other information such as a report by the United Nations on the persecution.

A practitioner from Australia shared her experience of losing her husband through the persecution and the pain of her three year old daughter having to grow up without a father.

We made many lotus flowers from paper and gave them to passersby. We hoped that these flowers would show their beauty and strength, coming out of the mud but remain untainted.

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