Anshan City Labour Camp Perpetrates a Fraud to Achieve Recognition

[Anshan City, Liaoning Province]

Anshan City Labour Camp of Liaoning Province held the third-term brainwashing class in September. There was a Falun Dafa practitioner from Xiliu Town, Haicheng City, whose last name was Wang. In order to attain recognition and meet the quota required by the higher authorities, the Xiliu town government used a non-practitioner to replace Wang when they were unable to catch him. However, the replacement was recognized by the brainwashing personnel and they told the people from the Xiliu town government, "If you do things like this, we will expose you." Later, people from the Xiliu town government brought this fake practitioner back and sent another person who had already stopped practising Falun Gong two years ago. Several days later, the Xiliu Town government brought fruits and moon cakes [a traditional Chinese cake] on the excuse of "conveying greetings" to shut up the brainwashing personnel. Several days later, the Haicheng city government and Department of Administration of Justice jointly brought fruits and moon cakes again to "convey greetings" to the brainwashing personnel in Haicheng City.

Anshan City Labour Camp is very evil. Some steadfast practitioners from other parts of the country were transferred to Anshan City. Li Huanbao, male, over 30, from Jinzhou City, Jinzhou Labour Camp was sent to Anshan City when Jinzhou Labour Camp authorities were unable to make him renounce Falun Gong.

The malevolent people who assisted Anshan Labour Camp in persecuting Dafa practitioners were: Zhang Qianfeng, Zhang Zhongrong, Wang Tianguang, Cao Wei, Li Yi, Gao Jian, Wu Xiaoxue, Zhang Yingtang, Hong Yun, Zhang Jingwu, etc.


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