Coming to Learn the Truth on the Verge of Death, My Brother's Life-Threatening Illnesses Were Cured and His Cultivation of Dafa Began

I am from Danjiang City, Jiangsu Province. In October 2003 my sister-in-law called me and said, "Your brother is unable to cope with his illness any longer. We are preparing things for the funeral. Your brother has diseases in the lungs, heart and kidney. When he was about to have his kidney operated on, the doctor said, 'His kidney is all rotten. We cannot treat it; he has a 'multi-illness syndrome.' The family needs to prepare for the funeral.'" My sister-in-law continued, saying, "We are just letting you know. You don't have to come back. You are over 70 years of age and it's a long distance away. Your brother is 79 years old now. Please do not be too sad."

I thought to myself, "My brother came to this earth and I need to tell him about Falun Dafa." Previously, whenever I tried to clarify the truth to my brother and his wife over the telephone, they would be too scared to listen because they were deeply deceived by the lies and propaganda in the Chinese media.

I stepped onto the airplane with firm belief, and I went directly to the hospital when I got off the plane. My brother was in the hospital's critical care unit. He was no longer coherent, he was very thin, and was receiving oxygen. I told my brother in his ear again and again, "Brother, please think Falun Dafa is good. Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance are good." "Please keep thinking that again and again." After a short while, my brother awakened. Slowly, he got stronger and stronger. Our family and friends were all shocked! The doctor came and examined him; his blood pressure and heartbeat were both normal. The doctor was surprised, and asked if we had given him any medicine that might have made him recover so quickly. Soon, the oxygen was taken away too.

The next day, my brother wanted to put on his trousers, and asked us to help him turn himself over. On the third day, he was able to sit up and put his feet on the floor. On the fourth day, my brother had blood in his stool and vomited blood. Our family was worried, but my brother seemed in good spirits, so we did not allow the hospital to make him undergo gastroscopy. He also didn't want to do that because he knew that Master was purifying his body. By the eighth day, his bowel movements were back to normal and his symptoms were gone. Now our family and friends all know that Falun Dafa is good. My brother has begun to cultivate Dafa, and called me on the phone and said that he gained eleven kilos in just two months.

After My Uncle Began Falun Gong Practice, He Became a Completely Different Person

Written by a Dafa Practitioner in China

On December 18, 2003, I heard my cousins talking about my uncle. They both praised uncle for being good. My younger cousin said, "Before, I was so afraid of uncle. I was scared that he would beat me. After uncle began practicing Falun Gong, he changed completely. He would not hit or shout at people anymore; no smoking and drinking anymore either. Now, uncle is healthy and his temper is good. He smiles all day. Even when he was hit by a taxi in the street, he still just told the driver that he was fine. I also drive a taxi, but why have I never met such a good person? Nowadays, uncle is really good."

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