France: Explaining the Facts to High Level French Officials in the Wake of Paris Arrests

On the 9th February, 2004, as Dafa practitioners from several European countries gathered for Fa Zheng Nian1 in a square near the French presidential office in Paris, several representatives began the action of visiting high level French government officials.

Smartly dressed, wearing yellow scarves, with a calm composure and upright thoughts, these Dafa practitioners came to the doors of the French ministry of domestic affairs.

After indicating to the guard the purpose of their visit, eight or nine policemen came and surrounded them. The atmosphere became intense. The sensitivity towards the yellow colour from the past few days had not receded. It seemed that the policemen were uncertain as to whether the orders from the last few days had been withdrawn. Holding the thought that a good and compassionate heart will never be suppressed, the practitioners explained the facts to them patiently.

The representative from French Dafa practitioners told them: in order to express their serious concerns regarding the Paris incident, they had formed a delegation comprising the presidents of the European, Nordic and French Falun Dafa Associations who had traveled a long way to be there. At first the policemen said there was no time to meet them, then they began to make phone calls asking for instructions. After a while, a more senior official came to meet them. The practitioners expressed their views calmly but firmly. The atmosphere became more relaxed. Finally a high level official agreed to meet with the representatives from the European Falun Dafa Association.

The attitude of the policemen became more polite, amicable and relaxed and they even arranged for police vehicles to escort them to the Presidential Office, the Prime Minister’s office, Foreign Affairs Dept, Department of Justice etc. Every department arranged for the appropriate officials to meet them. The representatives expressed their protest against the recent rough treatment and unreasonable arrests of more than ten Falun Gong practitioners on the streets of Paris. They also asked the officials to let their leadership know: please don’t ever allow anyone to betray the traditional values of France; freedom, equality, fraternity, in exchange for short term economic benefits. Even though the officials did not express their opinion, they were listening intently. Everyone accepted materials explaining the facts of the persecution and introducing Falun Gong and read them carefully.

Before leaving, Dafa practitioners gave every government department a letter of protest, requesting them to apologise to Falun Gong practitioners and clear the name of Falun Gong. Not one official raised any objection.

As the practitioners left the French Ministry of Justice, the yellow scarves around their necks fluttered in the wind, bringing rays of colour to the darkness of the Paris winter.

1. “Fa Zheng Nian” roughly translated means “send righteous thoughts” It can be understood to mean using positive upright thoughts to clear away bad elements.

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