Norway: Practitioners Appeal in front of the French Embassy

Practitioners in Norway joined practitioners around the globe to inform people about what happened in Paris during the Chinese New Year celebrations. On Friday 6th February, they assembled outside the French Embassy in Oslo to distribute flyers, perform the Falun Gong exercises and deliver a letter to the embassy. A Norwegian practitioner was among those unjustly arrested in Paris, so she delivered a statement about her arrest. The practitioners tried to talk to representatives from the embassy, but they refused to talk.

On the following day, the practitioners distributed flyers in front of Stortinget (the Parliament). Many people accepted the flyers with pleasure, and some stopped to talk. The practitioners had brought an exhibition detailing the persecution in China with them. The pictures in the exhibition caused many people to stop and find out more.

One practitioner had a chat with two Chinese ladies who were passing by. After talking with them for a while, she gave them a leaflet and Video-CD. One of the ladies said that she would like a second VCD for herself. The other lady said “No, we can share this one, and then you can give the VCD to someone else”. The practitioner smiled and said, “You already put others before yourself!” The Chinese ladies asked for details about local classes where they can learn the Falun Gong exercises for free.

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