Taiwan: Falun Dafa at the Taipei International Book Show

The annual Taipei International Book Show attracts many visitors every year. This year, the show was from January 28 to February 2nd. Because it was during winter vacation of the school system and the Chinese New Year, and because of the good weather, the book show had as many as 400,000 visitors. Yih Chung Publishing Company attended the show and set up the booth to provide free Falun Gong introductory and truth-clarification materials. Many visitors experienced the beauty of Falun Dafa and learned the facts about the persecution in China.

The effect of the exhibition was very good. Not only did many people eagerly take the introductory materials and ask about how to learn the exercises, many people bought the books and tapes to learn Falun Dafa. Many passersby stopped to watch the exercise instruction video, and some even introduced Falun Dafa to their friends. Some came to inquire about the situation of Falun Dafa in China. Some people who bought Dafa books before came to express their gratitude.

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