France: Many Chinese and French People Happy to Receive Falun Gong Materials at New Year Parade in Paris

It seemed that all the people in Paris were there when we arrived at the Place de Concorde. People from all sorts of ages, backgrounds and ethnicities were there, including many Chinese people. People surged from all directions towards the Champs Elysees.

Everyone felt like watching the parade of Chinese culture, which provided an opportunity to distribute a large amount of flyers, Video-CDs, and booklets. We mainly distributed information to the Chinese people. There were also French people who stopped to ask for information. Many of them took the material in a friendly manner and read it sincerely. Under the bright beautiful sunshine and the azure blue sky we met a lot of open and joyful people who expressed great interest in hearing the truth about Falun Dafa.

Many French people already knew about Falun Gong and expressed their support to us immediately. Chinese people also accepted our material in a kind-hearted way. When they saw it was about Falun Gong, they nodded their heads, smiled, and said cheerfully, “Oh, it’s Falun Gong.” They immediately concentrated on reading the booklet and put the VCD into their pockets gratefully.

At one point, we met a young Chinese couple with their eight year-old son. The wife smiled, said, “Oh, Falun Gong…” and took a Chinese booklet. We also gave her husband a VCD and asked whether he had a computer. It seemed that he didn’t understand but his son stretched his hands out and said, “I’ve got a computer.” We gave a VCD to him and the family left happily.

This was a great opportunity to let more people know the truth about Falun Gong during the Chinese New Year celebration activities held in Paris. We should do all we can to help more people learn the facts in this important time.

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