French Falun Gong Association Invited to the Senate for a Press Conference with NGOs and VIPs

On January the 14th, the French Falun Gong Association was invited to the Senate in Paris for a press conference on human rights in China. Among the guests were Former Minister of Education Jack Lang, Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders, ECPM (Together Against Capital Punishment), France Tibet and Chinese dissidents.

National radio stations, newspapers and press agencies crowded the room in such a way that some people had to stand at the door. Each NGO gave precise information on the catastrophic situation of human rights in China.

A Falun Gong practitioner revealed to the audience and media how the Chinese regime put pressure on the French authorities to exclude Falun Gong from the Chinese New Year activities, in an attempt to extend their persecution outside of the Mainland.

After the conference was over, the French Falun Gong Association was interviewed by several radio stations. Jane Dai from Australia, whose husband was tortured to death, as well as Chen Ying from France were all able to give direct accounts of the persecution in China.

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