United States: Atlanta Minghui Falun Gong School is Established on January 9, 2004

In this new year when everything in the world is renewed, another Minghui Falun Gong School was established in Atlanta on January 9 2004.

Since the first Minghui School was established in Washington DC on January 6 2001, more and more Minghui Schools were started in many countries such as Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa in Canada, many in Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Korea etc. In Atlanta, more and more practitioner families realized that providing a good environment for young practitioners to study the Fa [principles and teachings of Falun Gong contained in the book Zhuan Falun] and participate in the Fa-rectification truth clarification is an important issue. After learning from DC and exchanging experiences with practitioners from other areas, Atlanta practitioners who are experienced in education volunteered to organize a school administration board. After two weeks of preparation, Atlanta Minghui School was established and held a simple but solemn opening ceremony on the evening of January 9 2004.

That night, the meeting hall was decorated with colourful balloons and lotus flowers. The parents and students were very happy too. The children were in colourful holiday dresses and were happy, as if celebrating the New Year. At the opening ceremony, principal Becky Yao introduced the mission and current situation of Atlanta Minghui School. She said that the school was based on the principle "Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance," and it teaches Chinese language and Chinese traditions. It also teaches students to conduct their lives with "Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance" and Falun Gong exercises to reach a peaceful mind and healthy body. Becky invited seven other teachers and staff members to meet the attendees.

Next, the provost read congratulatory letters from Washington DC Minghui School, New Jersey Minghui School, Boston Minghui School, and Melbourne, Australia Minghui School. This encouraged the teachers and students to run the school better.

Some parents gave speeches. One elderly practitioner from Mainland China said, "I think the Mainland little practitioners must be envying little practitioners overseas who can have Minghui Schools. I believe China will have Minghui Schools in the future."

Later, the young practitioners went up the stage to recite a few poems from "Grand Poems" and sang "Falun Dafa is Good". Their innocent and pure voices filled the meeting hall with serenity and happiness.

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