Falun Gong Activities in Bettystown Ireland.

The Irish web site received an email from a practitioner from Bettystown in Meath asking would Falun Dafa be represented in a Health and Fitness exhibition in Dublin. We told him we have received an invitation to the event and were following it up. Through email we discovered he (the practitioner in Meath) had started the practice through an activity we had in his part of the county four months ago and that he had been practicing ever since. He told us he had downloaded the book, the music and the exercises from the Internet and that he practices and reads the book every day. We then decided to venture back to Bettystown and have some more activities in the towns that we had missed on our last visit 4 months ago.

When my wife and myself came out of the house to make the 30-mile journey to Bettystown a chilly autumn wind, dark clouds and drizzly rain greeted us. As we travelled to the town the clouds were pulled away like a cape to reveal a pure blue sky.
After arriving there we met another practitioner who had travelled there by train. It was a very small town and there were not many people walking on the streets so we went in to shops and restaurants to ask could we leave some leaflets there for people to read. We got a very warm reception with people telling us that they would personally hand them out to their guests and put them on all the tables.

After a short time the local practitioner met us. He brought his car, which gave us more options. We decided to visit near by towns to distribute leaflets again we got a very friendly reception. Afterward we then travelled to the beach to do more Falun Gong spreading activities. We put up banners and some posters and then practiced in a group. As we practiced exercise two I saw a group of teenagers watching us with interest, I told them they could come and join the practice after we finished the exercises, our practice was attracting a lot of attention. The scene was very beautiful, the sky was blue, the sea was calm and it even seemed that the weather was warm even though it started out quite cold. After we finished the exercise the children came over again and asked us what is Falun Dafa, they listened and afterward decided that they would prefer to watch us than learn straight away.

When we were finished we decided to go to a restaurant we visited earlier to have something to eat, to our surprise we discovered that there was only one leaflet left. After we talked for a short time we all went home.

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