Lequn Village

Zhu Yaoming was fined 1000 Yuan when the police found the book Zhuan Falun at his home in October 1999. He was fined over 3000 Yuan for appealing in Beijing in May 2000. His son was implicated and suspended from work for two months.

Fu Lianjun was fined 4000 Yuan and detained for one month for appealing in Beijing in February of 2000. When he went to appeal in Beijing again in November of 2000, he was extorted 3000 Yuan. The officials confiscated one acre of his farmland. He was forced to leave his home to escape the persecution.

The Perpetrators:

The Secretary of the Party Committee in Lequn County Subdivision Zhang Guorong and the Vice-Secretary Wang Guolan have followed Jiang Zemin's orders closely in persecuting the practitioners.

Female practitioners Ma Xinying and Zhang Yafen were held in the detention center of Shuangcheng City for appealing in Beijing. After they were released, Party Secretary Zhang Guorong and Vice-Secretary Wang Guolan were afraid that they might go to Beijing again, so they detained the practitioners in a nursing home for more than two months. They also insulted the practitioners with dirty language. Wang Guolan gave them dozens of slaps in the face because they refused to give up practicing. The two party secretaries forced Zhang Yafen's family to turn in 4000 Yuan before setting her free.

Zhang Guorong and Wang Guolan have been using various methods to persecute practitioners. Because Zhao Yayun firmly believes in Dafa, Zhang Guorong sent her to the labor camp. Zhao Yayun was tortured to death in the labor camp.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/11/15651.html

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