Germany: Report from the European Fa Conference

On November the 23rd, 2003, more than one thousand practitioners from Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Spain, Russia, USA, Australia and Israel attended the European Fa Conference in Berlin, Germany. This is the second major Fa Conference held in Europe this year, after the one in Geneva in March. Master Li sent a congratulatory message, wishing the Fa conference complete success. More than ten Dafa disciples shared their experiences at the conference in how they had clarified the facts during this special Fa-rectification period.

One Russia practitioner shared her experience of participating in the filing of a lawsuit in Moldova against the head of the “610 Office”. This sharing illustrated how the force of Fa-rectification is moving quickly, as Dafa practitioners have been fully utilising the law to suppress the evil and save people. In the process of filing the lawsuit, this practitioner came to realise that the power of Dafa practitioners around the world is indestructible when it is united as one entity. During the coordination work for a press conference, she came to understood that everything is waiting for Dafa practiitoners and that we should not rely on external factors. Three western practitioners from the German “Rescue Xiong Wei” team gave their personal accounts of how they recognised the wickedness of the persecution and how as a result they voluntarily organised a series of rescue activities. During the process, they felt the distance between themselves and their fellow practitioners who were being persecuted in China grow smaller. Their experiences of making phone calls to the labour camps in China allowed them to understand the power of righteous thoughts, and further enhanced their belief that the righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples have a great effect on the elimination of the evil persecution.

One French practitioner, who obtained the Fa a little more than a year ago, described how his mind and character evolved as he participated in Fa-rectification activities. In the first several months right after he obtained the Fa, he relied on the power of the Fa to overcome bad habits, and became an upright person. At the moment when he said he would like to express sincere thanks to Master Li, he received great applause from the audience. Although it has not been long since he obtained the Fa, he clarified the truth in his hometown with a pure heart; a testimony to Master Li's words, “When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.”

A retired western practitioner from Manchester, England has appealed alone in front of the Chinese Consulate daily. His experiences showed how in the process of his appeal, he had improved his character and carried out his sacred mission more effectively.

A Swedish broadcasting team produced a weekly broadcasting programme named “Falun Gong Hour”. The production of the programme has lasted for 2 years now and in the very beginning, the programme was only available in Chinese. Now however it is offered in Chinese, Swedish and English. Based on the solid belief in the Fa, they passed through various tribulations. They treated the interference imposed by the Chinese Embassy as a precious opportunity to clarify the truth. As a result the Swedish government has become much clearer about the evil of Jiang’s persecution of Falun Gong.

Other Dafa practitioners also shared their experience of how they spread the Fa overseas, and how they clarified the truth to the Chinese people at the Chinese Consulate, schools and communities.

At 5:30pm, the Fa conference came to an end with the chorus of the song “Coming for you”. This has been the first performance staged by the European Dafa Chorus, that was established during the Fa conference.

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