Encountering Chinese Sailors in London, England

A short while ago, a Chinese naval ship came to England on a goodwill visit. To welcome the Chinese Navy, the British Navy hoisted a flag. It was discovered that the British Navy had displayed the Taiwan flag instead of the Chinese flag.

A group of practitioners had gone to Portsmouth, where the Chinese ship had docked, to distribute information to the Chinese naval personnel so that they could know the truth of the persecution against Falun Gong on the Mainland.

I had not been able to go that day. The following day, as I was returning home from doing my chores, I saw some Chinese men in white uniforms in the centre of London. I got off the bus and went towards them still carrying my shopping bags. I greeted them. They did not seem to understand English. I repeated “Falun Gong” and when they nodded that they understood, I said to them “Falun Dafa Hao” [Falun Dafa is good]. These were the only Chinese words I could remember. I shook their hands and quickly went home to find some information leaflets to give out as I realised that there must be more of them.

I was pleased to find small groups of them around Trafalgar Square and Downing Street. I handed them the leaflets. Although these were in English, they still had Falun Dafa written in Chinese on them. Some of the sailors were amused and good natured and others were abrupt and angry. There were some who were shocked and others who were polite. I gave some of them directions and welcomed them to London.

I gave a group of them the leaflets and two of them threw them on the street. I picked up the leaflets and ran after the sailors. In a clear voice, I told them, “No!” No not only to littering the streets but no to refusing to accept the truth and No to the part of them which refused to break through the propaganda that had poisoned them. I pointed to my SOS badge and said, “SOS!” “SOS” not only to save the persecuted practitioners in China but also “SOS” to them so that they would not be dragged down by the evil forces in China.

I saw another group of three sailors and also handed them the leaflets. When, they threw them on the ground, I again picked them up and followed them. I patted one of the sailors on his arm to draw his attention and again said, “Falun Dafa Hao!” I politely refused to accept them rejecting the truth and calmly persisted in making sure that they received the message because this could have been their only chance to wake up from the veil of illusions and lies thrown over them.

I was happy for the Chinese sailors who had the pre-destined relationship to come to the other side of the world to receive the Truth.

A UK Falun Dafa practitioner
3rd November 2001

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