Various Forms of Deception at the Changchun City Women's Labour Camp

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I was illegally detained in Changchun Women's Labour Camp twice because I firmly believe in Dafa, yet had committed no crime and my conscience is clear.

When high-ranking authorities came to inspect the labour camp, the guards there told us to immediately stop the work at hand and hide under our beds. They then proceeded to clean out the rooms. They asked those practitioners who were not very healthy to go to bed right away and told them, "How well the government treats you!" But, within half an hour after they dealt with the inspection, the guards shouted, "Get up now and go to work!"

Once when the higher authorities came to check, the labour camp guards hid all those practitioners that had been tortured in a separate storage house, handcuffing their hands and feet and inserting dirty socks into their mouths. Some practitioners were led into a big room and watched a movie there. Only a small proportion of people--those who used to practise but had denounced Dafa under pressure--were left in the room, pretending to leisurely read all kinds of books and journals. The neat floors and made-beds were prepared, right then, for inspection. Pictures were taken of the corner that had just been tidied up. Policemen even asked all detainees in the camp to learn Disco dancing. Whenever people from above are expected to come and check, then everyone is asked to stop working and go out to dance Disco. As soon as the inspectors leave, policemen immediately order everyone to resume intense labour; they do not allow practitioners to sleep even after midnight, and they force them to stand against the wall.

Guards sometimes brought food from home and rewarded those who denounced Dafa. They induced those brainwashed people with small benefits to say good words about the policemen in front of the camera. If a brainwashed person realised what was going on and refused, the guards would assault her with torture instruments. One can see their hypocrisy so clearly in these moments.

Sometimes the guards told all detainees to go out to play games. Sometimes a team was chosen to have a campfire party, and guards sang and danced together with the detainees. The guards would then take all these pictures and use them as "evidence" that they treat detainees with the "good influence of education."

However, at the same time that the campfire party took place, the steadfast and unyielding Dafa practitioners were placed upon torture instruments, were forced to stand painfully, or were handcuffed within small dark cells and made to sit on the icy ground while hearing music that defamed Dafa.

Policemen force all practitioners, no matter how young or old, to work continuously for 17-18 hours a day, but police force those brainwashed people to write on record that they "work for 8 hours per day, take naps during the afternoon, and don't work on Saturday and Sunday," and then sign their names. Sometimes police make use of brainwashed people and those practitioners who renounce Dafa due to fear of torture to organise a large-scale "family meeting." Of this group, they choose those people who have the highest level of education and an ability with words to write articles praising the labour camp to read at the meeting. Those family members don't know the truth, and thus are usually moved by the superficially benevolent atmosphere and pleasant-sounding words. The guards at the camp also often play a song called "Devotion with Love" in between, and take advantage of those families who don't know the truth. The family is deceived into agreeing with the horrible things the police do and thus become hostile against Falun Gong.

These are all my own personal experiences. They are what I witnessed happen before 2002. I wrote this article to help the world's people realise that the TV plays made in mainland China defaming Falun Gong are not true. Those scenes in the plays are created in the way that I have just described and are false.

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