Letter from a French MP to a Practitioner expresses Concern over the Persecution of Falun Gong

Eric Diard
MP of Les Bouches du Rhone District
Mayor of Sausset-les-Pins City
September the 15th, 2003


Concerning your request for me to pay attention to the Chinese government’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, I have tried my best to understand the matter.

Since 1999, the Chinese government has started a systematic persecution of the (Falun Gong) followers. You wished to know what political and diplomatic measures the French government would take to end these serious violations of human rights.

Therefore, I thought it was necessary to write a written question to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs so as to understand how we can change the Chinese leaders’ attitude.

I will definitely immediately forward the reply from Mr. Dominique de Villepin (French Foreign Minister) to you.

I am at your service anytime, and please accept my sincerest regards,

Eric Diard

Translated from Chinese at http://www.yuanming.net/articles/200310/25438.html

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