Tang Dynasty Calligraphy by Yan Qin Li Bei

Stone tablet with calligraphy by Yan Qin Li - Photo Courtesy of Guo Xue

The stone rubbing calligraphy of Yan Qin Li Bei was written by Yan Zhenqing in 779 AD and excavated in October 1922 in Chang’an City known today as Xi’an.

The well-preserved stone is displayed today in the city of Xi’an Beilin.

Yan Zhenqing (709-785 AD) was an expert calligrapher during the Tang Dynasty and built the stone for his great-grandfather. The stone remains in good condition after being buried underground for many years.

Given the excellent condition of the stone, Yan’s bold and forceful style is easily recognized and is frequently studied and copied by many new calligraphy students.

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